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Siler Hits Grand Slam Leavin and Sayin Goodbye

MIKE SILER’S HITS GRAND SLAM WITH “LEAVIN & SAYIN GOODBYE”:  (Nashville, TN) Mike Siler, awesome singer, super songwriter, country-oh yes, loves pure and traditional country, entertainer-yes and a great one, good band-no-a super great band, loves fiddles & steel guitar-yes and plenty of them. So that is why I selected “Leavin & Sayin Goodbye” from his “Man of Clay” CD. I asked Mike to let me send this song out to all of you DJ’s. Although this song comes from the archives of Faron Young music, Mike Siler has put his personal touch on this song with some new arrangements, but it is his vocals that I feel that the country music industry is missing in today’s new artists. I am sure, in fact I am positive that if Faron Young was still alive today and heard Mike Siler sing, he would have had him signed to a major recording contract. If I sound bias to Mike’s talent, then I am guilty of enjoying everything he sings, and I just do not get the opportunity to go down to Broadway here in Nashville to listen to him and his band, but I listen to his music everyday. He is the “Steak & Potatoes” of what country music will always be. What you about to listen to is the way country records need to be recorded. I hope that you will take time when you listen to this super talented young man sing this country song for you, to add it to your playlist for your listeners. We look forward to your input, and if you “do not” like traditional country music from a great voice, then you will dislike this song, but if you do, you will love Mike Siler’s own touch of country to “Leavin and Saying Goodbye.”

 Check Mike’s website for a complete list of CD’s, and more about him:

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Anonymous True Storm Stories From Our Artists

Country music has its own storms but sometimes Country Artists are confronted with real storms :  Here are a few stories from our Independent Artists. We have decided that names will be replaced with ***** as we respect everyone’s privacy, but their stories are very interesting so we decided to publish the stories.
True Storm Story #1
Praise God we made it through the night. Horrible storms and tornado’s surrounding us. Lightening was unbelievable. I would take a hurricane over what E TN went through last night. We were very fortunate, we went to the downstairs bedroom, and *** had bought previously a weather alert radio so we were kept up to date about our area. Poor dog ****** was scared to death, did not understand us downstairs, tv (was still working) , radio on, blankets brought out in case of tornado to cover ourselves with. *** was truly amazing he stayed up for many hours watching and listening to the reports as the storms got closer it was truly scary…but this morning feels good to see day break. We watched on TV this morning how many tornado’s were in E TN and many other areas and states. Our area had never seen anything like it. The photos on TV that folks sent in made all aware of how much damage could be done. Also( not our area), but some areas in Knoxville, etc had baseball size hail, which brought back bad memories of when we had it and it ruined our car, tore apart and pitted our roof and pitted the outside of home last year. Makes one realize (especially at our ages) how precious life is, and to enjoy it and always tell you loved ones how much you love and need them.
True Storm Story #2
This time we are fine. We had 2 wooden panels from our privacy fence knocked down and tossed on the ground. I can repair it myself today. We were blessed and saved from any destruction. There are still over 8000 people without electricity. So we are very lucky to have missed the damage this year. I was not so lucky the last time a storm came through Nashville I had over $5000 worth of repairs mostly to the roof.
I tried to wait for more stories but no one sent any more in for me to publish.
 If you do have a story to tell you can still send it I will add it to this article for future generations to read

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