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New Country Duet by Allen and Donna Next #1 ?



(Nashville, TN) Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham have teamed up for their first country duet, “Your Name Is On My Lips Again,” written by James Wesley Voight. They are still riding high with their first gospel duet, “Jesus Heard Every Word” which is another #1 song for Allen & Donna. This new country duet is destined for #1 with two great performances and super production. The support from radio has been so strong for Allen & Donna’s solo careers, we hope that they will embrace their new country duet single as you have in the past. They have joined together to make some super great music as you will hear when listening to this new single. Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham have made great strides in gaining new fans with every song they release, and it is all because of your belief and support of their music and the help each of you have given them to attain this success. They are both readying for their tour to Europe in April, so please to all DJ’s let us know if you are interested in a phone interview with either artists.

Allen Karl leaves for the UK in beginning of April and we hope many in the areas where he will be performing will attend. Watching Allen perform is a real treat, and an great opportunity for his International fans to see this amazing #1 Artist sing the songs that keep going to #1.

Please let us know what you think about their new country duet. Thank you for all of your help in supporting their careers over the airways, to their fans, and future fans.

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Bradford Files: Are You Paying The Right Person?

Are You Paying The Right Person: Radio promoters get paid to call, e-mail, or fax music directors to please play their clients song. Radio consultants on the other hand get paid by radio stations to tell them what songs to play. Radio consultant firms are popping up everywhere and station owners are realizing that without their help, they will be the next one to fall by the wayside.

Somehow these radio consultant firms have gotten a strangle hold on today’s radio stations and the owners feel that without their expertise and guidance that they are doomed. With that being said is it wiser to give your money for your song promotion to a radio promoter or a radio consultant? Radio consultants typically raise the revenue of the station enough to off set any fees charged to the station. In many cases the radio station owes the fact that they are still on the air to the consulting company. The horrible truth about all of this is the consulting companies now tell the radio stations what to play, who not to play, when to play it, and how often to play it. If the station hires these companies and then decides not to follow their rules, then it becomes their fault when they don’t succeed. It is kind of like buying a franchise and not following the franchise guidelines and ultimately failing.

The Bradford Files supplied by Keith Bradford Nashville Tennessee. Email Keith at

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