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Nordheim Strives To Help Artists Reach Their Goal

Aage “Oagee” Nordheim  strives  to help artists reach their goal: First of all I would like to address all of you for your eminent support of CM Promotions playlist board. There are so many different parties involved in making great music and most of the time all the attention is drawn to the artist. I would like to utter a few words to the Dj`s. Dedicated people from all over the world who spend so much of their time and put so much effort into bringing the artists music out to the listeners. Without their dedication artists would`nt stand a chance of success. So a huge thank you to all of you from all of us !
And then there is the songwriters and composers. They are of no less importance. Keep those lyrics floatin’ and keep on creating great songs. Thank you ! And finally there`s the promoters, who work on behalf of the artists are inestimable. If you`re doin’ a good job with great material there`s no way an artist would`nt succeed. On behalf of all involved parties, thank you for taking your responsibility seriously !

CM PROMOTIONS: Artists looking for a break ? This could be it. If you are a songwriter, singer or composer looking for a chance to get your music out there you just might have found that opportunity. After several years in the country music business Aage “Oagee” Nordheim possess a huge experience in how the business works. Now he will freely share this experience with you and help you get your music heard and in any way he can, give your career a boost. And it`s all free ! The only assumption is that you decide to work with him for the sake of your career. Get involved in believing that he will be able to make a difference. Promotor`s, also have a golden opportunity to team up with CM Promotions. Together he`ll do his best to give the career, of artists you promote, a boost in the right direction.

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Spur Doing Their Bit To Raise Money 4 The Heroes

Spur the #1 Duo from the UK, has written a song for the heroes’ of the war, all the money raised off the download of the song “Same Colors as You” off their website will be donated “Help  4 Heroes”, so go to the website of Spur and do your part in helping the military personal.

All money raised from the download of this single will go to Help 4 Heroes. So please buy our single and help us raise some well needed money. A Real Big Thank You to Everybody That Has Already Downloaded the Track.

Written by Mark Hills and James Parsons 
Download the single from
Spur Sponsored by… Studio 27 & Swindon Ink

Promoted by Debbie Dean Promotions

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