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NBRN.FM Premier’s Latest Top 30 Chart Show

The World Premiere of Wildhorse Entertainment’s “Independent Superstars March 2012 Country Top 30 download Chart Show” hosted by Ed Dailey, is scheduled for Saturday March at  3:30pm, on NBRN.FM Nashville. During the month of March, the show will be broadcast over 50 times on Radio Stations worldwide. The chart show will be aired on radio stations from Austria, Holland , Germany, South Africa and the USA. Some of the DJ’s who are responsible for airing these shows are Keith Bradford “Nashville Broadcast Radio Network” , DJ Dusty N4 Network Radio4 , Patty Patrick “St. Florian am Inn“, Jerry Mac “CMP Radio” , Thilo Morgenstern “Pur-Country“, Country Gold Network Washington and Frans Maritz “WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio”.

This month’s #1 song has been around for about six months trying to make it to number one and finally “JJ Strydom” with his “I’m A City Slicker Couch Boy” hits the top spot for the very first time coming in a close second is “Michael Garland” with “I Heard A Jukebox Cry” and third place taken up by International Country Superstar “Allen Karl” with his worldwide hit “Lonelies only Bar”  Allen Karl is also one of  James Allen’s artists, promoted by James and Rhon from RhonBob Promotions. Another noteworthy mention is that KMA Records artist “Mike Siler” debut at #4 this month with “Drive To The Lake”  This show has become very popular among Independent artists and is the only Chart Show in the world that is based solely on the amount of downloads each song get’s during a full calendar month.

Wildhorse Entertainment has almost 500 songs available for free download by over 300 artists on their download page at Since March 2011 over 125000 songs have been downloaded. If we we may assume that only four people have listened to each download then that means that close to 600000 people worldwide would have heard the music of Independent Artists featured on Wildhorse Entertainment the home of Independent Superstars. Considering that Wildhorse Entertainment offers this absolutely free to the Independent Artists then it is really a small miracle that has happened for the 300 artists currently on free download.

Wildhorse Entertainment states that it is not in the business of promoting artists or managing them professionally, and will always work hand in hand with promoters and managers with the sole purpose of only offering their artists songs for free download. Wildhorse Entertainment does not sign any contracts with artists, and leave the artists promotions and management to professional, like KMA Records, James Allen Promotions and RhonBob Promotions just to name a few.

The TOP 30 Chart Show is hosted by Ed Dailey a very popular DJ on KORD 102.7 FM a radio station out of Washington USA. Ed Dailey has his own weekly show on KORD 102.7 FM every Sunday morning, which has been on the air for over 15 years, and has thousands of listeners tuned in to every show from all over the reception area, called “Legends Of Country” . Ed has extended a very generous and kind offer to all Independent Artists worldwide to call in for a live radio interview on his “Legends Of Country” show Sunday mornings. This a great opportunity that is usually only extended to mainstream artists yet Ed is opening up the FM radio airwaves to Independent Artists. Many artists have already called in and made history by being interviewed by Ed Dailey on FM Radio. For those Independent Artists who want to take up this offer they can call Ed in the KORD 102.7 FM studios on Sunday morning between 7am and 10am (Pacific Time) at this number: 509-947-5785 if you are calling from outside the USA please check your country code and time zone. To check your local time of broadcast please click here to convert to your time zone.

If there are any other radio stations out there who wish to air our Chart Show please contact us at for links to download our monthly chart show.


Patty Patrick Wants To Make The World Better Place

Another world-class poem written especially for you by our Internationally acclaimed Poet and friend Patty Patrick, for all our wonderful WHISNews21 visitors. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading Patty’s poem’s as much as we are proud to publish her poem’s.

Let’s Make This World A Better Place


Everybody tries to find a place

within the community of the human race.

Some get famous, some get lost,

some develop energy, and some exhaust.


Some compromise and some combine,

some give up and then resign.

Some cry out loud and some groan.

A lot of them feel all alone.


Every person has a right to live.

Our duty is to give

everyone a chance,

show respect and tolerance.


Be prepared to welcome and embrace

others, independent from the race,

from religion and from gender.

Be a human rights defender.


We all want to live in grace.

Let’s make this world a better place.


© Patty Patrick


Any comments on Patty Patrick’s poem will be appreciated by both Patty and WHISNews21

Shania Twain Where On Earth Are You Right Now ?

For several days since returning to Las Vegas, superstar singer Celine Dion has been fighting laryngitis. I was reliably told that she has been under doctors’ orders and followed all treatments to rest her vocal chords. She was ready to restart her Colosseum at Caesars Palace engagement with Wednesday night’s sold-out concert, but just two hours before curtain up, she became ill again.

Celine was promptly ordered by her doctors not to perform and to rest to ensure a full recovery so that she can resume performances Saturday. It was the first show she has canceled in four years. Incidentally, Elton John also had to cancel his last performance here over the weekend, for him due to food poisoning.

Country superstar Shania Twain, who had flown in from her Bahamas home to start pre-production for her Colosseum headliner show , was scheduled to watch both stars. Instead, AEG/Concerts West producers used the suddenly empty theater last night for Shania to “walk, dance and sing onstage.”

“That was really cool. We were there until 11 p.m. last night,” I was told. “She wanted to get the feel of the building. She wanted to know where her band and the crew would be hanging out when she comes to town. She saw the dressing rooms and checked the sound system. She’s really excited, and everybody already knows she’s on the right track as the new family is being built around her.”

Shania on Wednesday also checked out chef Wolfgang Puck’s nearby Spago for lunch and enjoyed heirloom tomato Soup, BLT salad (without the bacon) and cookies for dessert. Vegas DeLuxe also has learned exclusively that Shania has tapped Raj Kapoor as director of her Caesars shows as the process begins. The cutting-edge director has worked on the Grammy Awards, “American Idol” and Carrie Underwood’s latest tour. “It’s early on with the concept sketches, but they already have 20 tableaux to pick — 12 from that will wind up becoming the show itself. She wants to showcase all her looks, from country to high fashion to pop and rock,” I was told. Our thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue, who put together a gallery of Shania’s performance at the Dec. 10, 2003, Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena, when she was onstage with more than 100 children singing “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face.”

Shania, who confirmed her residency to me in an exclusive interview last June, is said to be in great shape and played tennis for two hours with her husband, Frederic Thiebaud, right after their six-hour flight here from the Bahamas. The couple left Las Vegas this morning after seeing the early performance of “O” in the Bellagio on Wednesday night instead of Celine. AEG head honcho John Meglen confirmed: “She’s loving life and is really excited and involved in getting the show ready. She’s having a good time and a lot of fun with it. We think she’ll make two more trips here — and of course time it to see Elton and Celine then! Musical rehearsals will start this summer in the Bahamas, and then in the fall we’ll move into a Las Vegas rehearsal facility. She’ll move into the building in November, and with our load-ins, some preview shows and Lions Den shakedowns.

“We have always felt her music was missing from the Las Vegas entertainment scene. You do have Garth Brooks, and now Shania Twain will serve that segment of the market always visiting Las Vegas.”

Meantime, Celine’s schedule didn’t call for shows tonight and Friday, and now everybody is hoping the break will get her back to full health to resume the schedule Saturday. Fans — several in tears — who received full refunds learned of Celine’s illness as they were filing into the Colosseum.

A reliable source, who revealed the backstage medical drama to me as it was happening, told me: “Celine was brokenhearted and disappointed beyond words. She wanted to disobey the medics and go onstage, but they warned her it could cause far more serious problems if she went against their orders. It’s better that she missed just one night rather than create a worse, ongoing problem of several nights by pushing it before she’s well again.”

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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