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SA Musicians Saw Bought Back In 1945 Is Quiet

ATKV Centurion musician’s saw is quiet. Oom(Uncle) Snaar Coetzee, most respected senior member of the ATKV Centurion Music Forum for many years died the past week at the age of 86. He was most probably one of very few musicians in the country – if not in the world, still to play such a unique musical instrument, while performing live on stage at such an high age. It is also to be noted that he purchased his Saw, at a hardware store in Pretoria, South Afica back in 1945.

Oom Saag, as he was also known, performed with the rest of our Musicians at several occasions inter alia: Our Programme of “Traditional Afrikaans dances, song and music” on the SABC2 stage at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn, at the Voortrekkermonument, and at a Annual ATKV Year Meeting at Buffelspoort as well as various performances at schools, churches, shows and festivals all over the country.
He was also member of his Church Musical Group for many years and once again played and participated during the Church Services on the Sunday before his death – the same Church where the funeral took place on Thursday 9 February.

Mr. Coetzee was also part of our ATKV Centurion musicians recording the music for “Sarie Marais” for our Afrikaans Soccer Lyric Competition to support our Bafana team and South Africa as host of the Soccer World Cup. Our song “Viva Bafana Viva” is still the only Afrikaans Soccer Song yet.
He was also part of our unique Cd production for the aged “Ons eer ons Senior Burgers”/We honour our Senior Citizens. He played with our other musicians and recorded the well known Afrikaans traditional music of “Die Kalfiewals” to be part of the Cd.

Sakkie Kotze, chairman of the ATKV Centurion Musicians and Singers and also member of the Board of Director of ATKV SA, said that “Oom Snaar was entrepreneur and musician his entire life. He never retired from work and music. He died as professional Book Binder and Musician, still at work and still performimg and promoting Afrikaans culture. For him it was important to add value to his work clients, his cultural group and his church devotion. He praised God for his talents and he devoted his talents to his people. He displayed a Giving attitude and not a Receiving attitude his entire life. This unique saw music culture must never end. His son Gert and grand children will, with the assistance of ATKV Centurion Music Forum, see too that it go on for years to come” Oom Snaar said that their is no formal music notes available for a saw. “I play on hearing and feeling and expierience over many years. It is very difficult to train other players.”  Mr. Snaar Coetzee is survived by his second wife Babsie (married in September 2009) and six children from his first wife Miemie died in August 1996. (Gert, Hendrik, Driekie, Tjaart, Willie and Annatjie) 17 grand children and 13 great grand children.

This article was sent in by Sakkie Kotze +27 82 925 1488

Drive To The Lake With Mike Siler Country Style

(Nashville, TN) Mike Siler, singer, songwriter, super entertainer, super band, and he sings country. I have known Mike for several years, and as I have in the past, I am still wondering how the country music industry has missed this great talent, and he is right here in front of their eyes and they still have missed the boat on this young man. Mike is one of the shows to go and see when you come to Nashville for a visit and are taking in the sights on Downtown Broadway. Check out his great show at “Legends Corners.” If you are needing a real shot of country, then remember the name Mike Siler and you will not be disappointed in what you hear from Mike and his great band.

He has been writing great songs for some time, and it is only a matter of time until one of country’s major artists latches on to one of his songs, or hopefully Mike will get the record deal he deserves and then you will hear plenty of Siler’s music on radio.

“Drive To The Lake” is his first release, and it is country as you will hear, and we are sending it worldwide so that all can enjoy what country music has been missing for several years and we hope that you will become a fan of Mike Siler. If you like what you hear, send Mike an email and let him know at It is important for an artist to hear from his fans, new fans, and from the DJ’s who take the time to play his music and give him the support that makes an artist know that what he is doing is appreciated by many. Mike Siler has been paying his dues and now his time has come to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Article send in by Marty Martel for immediate release

Wildhorse Entertainment will soon have a this great new Country Hit by Mike Siler available for free promotional download for his fans and DJ’s worldwide.

Air Force Removes God From Their Logo

(RNS) Dozens of members of Congress are upset that the Air Force has removed the Latin word for “God” from the logo of an Air Force acquisitions office.

Led by Rep. J. Randy Forbes, co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, 36 lawmakers Monday (Feb. 6) sent a letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz objecting to the removal of “God” from the logo of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO).

The logo was recently removed, according to Forbes, after objections by the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

Jason Torpy, president of the association, said the word “God” had no place in the logo because not all members of the military are religious. “We just hope (the Air Force) can provide more equal opportunities for atheists and humanists in the military.”

“The action taken by the RCO suggests that all references to God, regardless of their context, must be removed from the military,” the congressional letter states. “We ask that you reverse this perplexing decision.”

According to the lawmakers, all members of the bipartisan prayer caucus, the RCO patch logo previously included the motto “Opus Dei Cum Pecunia Alienum Efficemus” (Doing God’s Work with Other People’s Money), an inside joke among RCO members. Caucus members say it was changed to “Miraculi Cum Pecunia Alienum Efficemus” (Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money).

The letter argues that “courts consistently have upheld the constitutionality of our national motto, ‘In God We Trust,’ despite the obvious mention of God.”

“Obviously the Constitution doesn’t treat God like a dirty word,” said Luke Goodrich, deputy general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “Religion is a part of this history.”

A representative for the Air Force could not be reached for comment.


By Annalisa Musarra Religion News Service

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