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This Weeks Latest IDSS Free Download Releases

This Weeks Latest Independent Superstars (IDSS) Free Download Releases
Wildhorse Entertainment is proud to announce that they will be offering the following new releases by
Independent Artists as free promotional downloads to DJ’s and fans worldwide.
These Great New Hits Songs
Available For Free Promotional Download This Week
Keith Bradford – Turn Around
Julie Richardson – It Aint Easy Being Easy
Wildhorse – Goodbye Baby
Ray Aaron – Good Girls Make Bad Boys
Johnny Cash Expience – Sunday Morning Coming Down
Donna Cunningham – Rock A Bye True Love
Marty Martel – If Things Were Right At Home
James Crouch – Gimme All Your Love
These are some of the Best Independent Artists in the World today, please support them by downloading their songs
Our Wildhorse Independent Superstars Country TOP30 Download Chart Show is based solely on the amount of downloads each song gets during a full calendar month. This very popular show is Hosted by Ed Dailey and is now broadcast in Austria, Germany, Holland, South Africa and the USA for Wildhorse Entertainment

Tuneville Xpress Finally Arrives at 3012 Hope Street

IT’S HERE FOLKS3012 Hope Street Compilation that’s right we have had so many problems this time getting this Compilation out. We learned a new phrase this month and that is: “The Blue Screen of Death” That is one of those computer geek terms we now know, and it means: You computer is dead, and you either have to buy another computer or spend a lot of money putting in a new mother board, etc. This happened to us not once, but twice this past week. You can beat us up but you can’t keep us down. We are still getting it out. So I’m sure this is going to be a major year for us. I know with the onset of our new website, and the new capabilities that we’re learning how to use, it’s going to give the artists we work with more visibility with more opportunities.

Anyway, here is the lineup of artists on this GREAT new compilation (3012 Hope Street): Walt Mills, Heart To Heart, Keith Caldwell (and HIS music lives on), Wanda Lee, Billy Gene Dickerson, Cindy Hughlet, Billy Sanders, Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham/”JESUS HEARD EVERY WORD”, Aven Grace, Billy Hale, Marsha Sue, Dewayne Cook, Sharon Joyner, Darlene Arber, Melanie Rainwater, Michael Ayers, Debby Toovey, Barbara Dee, David Nall and Joel Sebag (an incredible Pianist)

You can now go to scroll down on the left side of the page and click on TUNEVILLE XPRESS ( then scroll down the left side of the page click on Sound bites Posted Compilations then click on 3012 Hope Street and listen to the artist sound bites and pick out the songs you want to download.

AND IF YOU’RE RADIO, go back to the front page of TUNEVILLE XPRESS and click on: RADIO ONLY DOWNLOADS This will take you to where you will need your USERNAME and PASSWORD
If you don’t have it, then give us a call at: 870-741-1407 or
 E-mail us at: and let us know you need  The password information to get in. And while you are in the digital download area, feel free to use anything in the system. 

Blessings in all you do for OUR LORD – JESUS CHRIST,

Gene & Micki Farington

All Aboard! Destination…Rhon’s Inspiration Station

Start your day on a high note
I hope you will take a few minutes each week and visit with me
Dear Readers….. found the information below very inspiring, and uplifting hope you do too!!!!!!!
A young 7 year old lived in poverty in Africa. His father died and now there was only his mother and him.
At 12 his Mom died, and he went to live with his Grandma. He took care of this elderly woman with love and helping her as often as possible, in between going to school and trying to earn honest money whenever and wherever he could. He was a good young man with a pure heart.
The odds seemed against him when his Grandma died, and he found a dirt hut to live in and with all seemingly against him, he still had the
feeling “that he was a man of destiny” and wanted to make something of himself.
He prayed “Lord I want an education”- I want to change my life around.
One night he had a dream , he was walking to a big house and a man named Stanley invited him in. He felt so renewed that day he started
walking up a hill and saw a magnificent home with guards around the gate. He was stopped and one of the guards asked what do you want here. With great assurance and a youthful smile of be kind , he said loud and clear does Mr Stanley live here. The guard said “of course”.
The young boy said I must see him, I had a dream and was told by God to ask him something. The guard felt something strange happen to his usual gruff dealings and said “I will take you to him right away”
The young boy met Mr Stanley and said “I had a dream, and you were in it, I need an education , I am an orphan” With this Mr. Stanley got up and said ” I will send you to school, pay for everything your books and your clothes, as long as you keep your grades up”.
After school ended he was sent to a higher education school in America by Mr. Stanley, and the professors saw something very special about this young man. They marveled at his quick learning, special attitude of kindness.
From College he went on to Law school and then interned with a large Law firm.
***** He was groomed to become a Prime Minister *****
If this young boy could achieve so many blessings.
Trust God,
he has many stored up,
you need to believe, and need to pray BIG!
……God can open up doors for you, but you must be a willing vessel,
and believe that God can do it
……God likes when you ask for BIG things, don’t limit him!
….. IN 2012 believe, and achieve. LET YOUR PRAYERS BE BOLD”.
……So much depends on your level of faith.

Praise him with stringed instruments and organs

let everything that hath breath praise the Lord

Psalm: 150 : 4,6

Please come back , each week you will find inspirational messages here….. God is faithful! Rhon
Please leave your valued comments !

Could Your iPhone or iPad Be Reason For Suicide?

According to the New York Times, workers at a factory in Shenzhen, China, owned by Foxconn (a company that manufactures iPhones, iPads and other devices for Apple) regularly work sixteen-hour, seven-day work weeks.

They stand until their legs swell and they can’t walk, and they perform repetitive motions on the production line for so long that some permanently lose the use of their hands. To cut costs, managers make workers use cheap chemicals that cause neurological damage. There has been a rash of suicides at the Foxconn plant, and 300 workers recently threatened to jump off the roof over a safety and pay dispute.

In short, as one former Apple executive told the New York Times, “Most people would be really disturbed if they saw where their iPhone comes from.”

Mark Shields, a self-described member of the “cult of Mac,” started a petition on demanding Apple exert its influence on its suppliers to improve working conditions for the factory workers that make iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. Click here to sign Mark’s petition right now.

Apple knows it can play an important role in ensuring safe and fair working conditions for the workers at its suppliers, like Foxconn. In 2005, the company released a supplier code of conduct, and it performs hundreds of audits each year in China and around the world to confirm its suppliers are meeting the code’s expectations.

But that’s where Apple’s commitment falters: the number of supplier violations has held steady year to year and Apple hasn’t consistently publicly stated which suppliers have problems or dropped offending suppliers.

The bottom line, Apple executives admit, is that they’re not being forced to change.

One current executive told the New York Times that there’s a trade-off: “You can either manufacture in comfortable, worker-friendly factories,” he said, or you can “make it better and faster and cheaper, which requires factories that seem harsh by American standards. And right now, customers care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China.”

That means public pressure is the only thing that can force Apple to ensure its suppliers treat workers humanely. If enough people sign Mark’s petition — and tell Apple they care more about human beings than they do about how fast the company can produce the next generation iPhone — the company could be convinced to make real change for the workers at Foxconn and other factories.

Article send in by and is published only because many of us use ipads and Iphones on a daily basis. So many Independent Artists are struggling to survive and many of them are without work yet almost a million of people are employed outside the USA to work on products that could keep people in the USA working. Strange world we live in………..

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