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World First For Steve Adkins & James Allen Promotions

World first for Steve Adkins and James Allen Promotions
Wildhorse Entertainment is proud to announce that they will be offering Steve Adkins’s brand new single “In My Mind” for free download a week ahead of it’s International release with the kind permission of both Adkins and James Allen of James Allen Promotions his international promotions company. This is a world first and something that has never happened before in the history of music. James commented that, “I am always open to new ideas and this is something I would never have done before, but it’s 2012 and times have changed. This will give Steve’s latest release a head start.” We then asked James if he thinks he would regret his decision and his answer was very clear, “After a long discussion with my artist about the free download idea, we decide to go ahead and do this, hell man it could even be the 2012 answer to a million dollar press release.”
Wildhorse Entertainment thanks Steve Adkins for agreeing to let us release his latest single “In My Mind” as a free download and especially James Allen for his clear vision of the future and for giving us permission to do what has, up and until now, been impossible, by releasing a new song for free download days before it’s official international release date.
This to us is like our first taste of Coca Cola, and to James Allen for taking such a giant leap into the future
We Salute You.
Other Great New Hits Songs Available For Free Promotional Download Available This Week from Wildhorse Entertainment are:
Hermann Lammers Meyer – The House Of The Damned
Lori Smith – What’s In It For Me
WC Taylor – Just Another Rainy Day
David Wood – My Dash
Stephen A. Love – Travelin Man
Lee Marcus – Carolina Dreams
Johnathan East – American Boy
These are some of the Best Independent Artists in the World today, please support them by downloading their songs
Our Wildhorse Independent Superstars Country TOP30 Download Chart Show is based solely on the amount of downloads each song gets during a full calendar month. This very popular show is Hosted by Ed Dailey and is now broadcast in Austria, Germany, Holland, South Africa and the USA for Wildhorse Entertainment

Bradford Files: Unusual Way Of Using A Cellphone

Unusual use of cell phone: Recently I produced a young artist at my recording studio.  While the musicians were tuning up I noticed she did not bring her lyric sheets to the session.  I had asked her to bring them because it is so much easier when punching in and tweaking the vocals.  She showed me her cell phone and said, “They are right here.”  She accessed her e-mails I had sent her with all 10 song lyrics.  The following day while in the vocal booth and working on MASTER vocals she simply placed her cell phone on the music stand and if she needed to glance down at the lyrics, they were right there on her cell phone screen.  I thought this was pretty clever.  The following week we were interviewing an artist on our radio station and when it came time to play his music, he informed us that he had forgotten to bring his CD.  We took a break while he proceeded to log into his e-mail account on his cell phone.  Once there he forwarded the songs we were going to showcase to our radio station e-mail.  Within minutes the interview was saved and the desired songs to showcase were on the air.   I am sure there are other unusual uses for cell phones that I have not been exposed to.  If you know of any unusual uses please feel free to leave them here for all to read about.

The Bradford Files supplied by Keith Bradford Nashville Tennessee. Email Keith at

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