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DJs, Music Industry Thank you for the Votes…I Won!

James Marvell says to all,
“DJs & music industry, thanks for the votes ……………… I won!!!”

James Marvell’s Special promotions team of Super Promoters RhonBob and James Allen added that they greatly appreciated you voting James Marvell winner of episode 3.

Raw Deal: the Reality Show was the vision of Jason Bing, an actor who has worked in the film industry for years. Like you, Jason has watched some of his friends and family members over the years get taken advantage of and decided it was time somebody did something about it. That time is now.
Jason’s experience and connections in the film industry has helped him create a reality show that has the ability to help millions. He has assembled a creative crew, actors, sponsors, prop and a large cast of extras to insure the success of this newest reality show.
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Promoted by; RHONBOB and James Allen Promotions
RAW DEALHelps kids fight cancer!

James Marvell a true Independent Country Music Superstar. His music is also available at for free promotional download.

Former Kitty Wells Guitarist Passed Away at 63

Larry Nutter, guitarist has passed away at the age of 63. He had been having health issues the best couple of years. He was born Feb. 9, 1948, a small town guitarist that has always had big dreams. Larry was one of the great musicians in our music industry and was a friend for many, many years. Originally from Ohio, he spent most of his life in Nashville, TN. He has been playing guitar since he was 19 years old, simply by making his own letter charts. He never learned to fully read music. He plays by ear. He has had a very successful career, spending years as the guitarist for Kitty Wells, as well as Jack Greene, Jean Shepard, and others. He has also dedicated several years of his life re-making the music of Patsy Cline along with his wife of 11 years, Terri Williams. He was residing in Branson, MO with his wife and daughter, both of whom are involved heavily in his music.

Keeping Country’s Memory Alive, as Marty Martel remembers the friends and family who pass through the Country we all love so much

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