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Earl Parker # 6 On Independent Superstars Top 30


Be on the lookout for a new CD release by Earl Parker, simply titled ” Clint Eastwood” it is not sure yet if this song will be featured for a free download on Wildhorse Entertainment but an announcement will be made soon. According to Rhonnie from RhonBob Promotions Earl had this to say about his past hits and future plans: All of my songs are stories, and as soon as I released my first album everyone began asking for country, country, country. So I released a song called The Rebel In Me as a single, and it did well on American radio, but it did really great on European, Australian, and New Zealand radio. Heck, it even turned up in Tokyo Japan. On the radio! Can you believe that? It hit #2 in Sweden, #16 in Norway, and #21 in the UK. Then I wrote Cowboy Down, inspired by one of my buddies who rode bulls in the rodeo for 23 years. It just blew my socks off! The song appears to be about a guy that just keeps getting thrown, but actually what it’s about is how you always have to get back up when trouble pushes you around. I’m really pleased with this album especially Time In The Mirror. It’s a classic because it’s about all of us, not together but individually, as we watch time go by in the only way we can, in the mirror. Yeah, all the songs on this album have something to say about money, friends, relationships, Hollywood icons, cowboys, & rebels, and that sounds pretty country to me. I released a second song from this album and it has risen to #3 in Norway, #6 in Austria, #25 in Denmark, & #27 in France. It’s kinda strange that all of these places have thriving country communities, but believe me they do. They also have a top 100 Country Music Association chart for Europe as a whole, and at the end of October I was informed that I would appear on that in the next couple of weeks. I like that, it means I’ve been spending my time wisely, and I haven’t been wasting any, which I seem to have done a lot of in my life.

Earl Parker’s #1 Hit song “Rock & Roll Cowboy” is available on Wildhorse Entertainment for Free download right now


Country’s Family Reunion Salute To The Kornfield

Nashville, TN (January 2, 2012) – Another series from Gabriel Communications’ ever-popular Country’s Family Reunion will premiere on RFD-TV beginning on Friday, January 6 at 7 P.M. CST/8 P.M. Eastern.* “Country’s Family Reunion Salute to the Kornfield,” features the beloved cast members from the long-running television show HEE HAW with Roy Clark, Buddy Alan (Owens) and Bill Anderson, and of course, a stellar line-up of iconic music guests and country bent humor that were staples of this cultural phenomena for over 25 years. RFD-TV, “Rural America’s Most Important Network,” will air portions of the show each week throughout the month of January during the same weekly time slots.
Salute to the Kornfield*Check local listings for exact show times

  • Friday, January 6, 2012: 7 P.M. Central/8 P.M. Eastern*
  • Saturday, January 7, 2012: 5 A.M. Central/6 A.M. Eastern*
  • Saturday, January 7, 2012: 11 P.M. Central/12 Midnight Eastern*

Since 1997, Gabriel Communications has been bringing artists together into one room to reunite and reminisce about their careers, perform signature songs and share stories while the cameras roll. The result has been pure magic, leading to popular TV airings and successful DVD sales leaving country fans clamoring for more.


The entire “Salute to the Kornfield” series also includes appearances by Roy Clark, Buck Trent, Buddy Alan (Owens), Don Harron, Charlie Farquharson, Ramona Jones, John Conlee, Lulu Roman, Charlie McCoy, Ricky Skaggs, Victoria Hallman, T. Graham Brown, Gordie Tapp, Mike Snider, Johnny Lee, Barbi Benton, Larry Gatlin, Roni Stoneman, Moe Bandy, Gunilla Hutton, The Nashville Edition, The Whites, Jim Ed Brown, Jeff Smith, Gene Watson and Cathy Baker and is available in a 4-Disc set at or by calling 1-800-820-5405.

“It had been a number of years since many of us had seen each other and the reunion was joyous,” reflects Lulu Roman, regular HEE HAW cast member. “Several of the cast were missing and it was a firm reminder that for some of us, it was quite possibly the last time we might see each other,” she sentimentally added. “It was a very special get together.”

It is incredible to believe that a television show that aired for over 25 years (1969-1993) was cancelled by CBS after just a few years on the air. Network executives made a decision to cancel shows such as HEE HAW, Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies despite of their popularity in a move to pull a more affluent demographic. The cancellation of these shows, now known as “the rural purge,” forced producers to begin airing HEE HAW to niche markets through syndication (a new concept at the time), which successfully led to an additional 20+ years on the air, millions of fans, a library of once-in-a-lifetime performances by country music’s top artists and a cultural phenomenal that survives to this day.

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