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How Do They Choose A Winner ?


How Do They Choose A Winner ?

The annual Snow Sculpture contest in Breckenridge, Colorado, attracts contestants from all over the world. It is hard to believe that there are people in this world that go to the trouble to make these beautiful sculptures knowing that they will not last. Just so that they the artists know we the world appreciate what they do, as we are totally knocked out by the talent that they have to create these amazing Ice Sculptures.

smowamericansnowcastle snowtrain snowman snowhouse snowcastlehorse

Thank You

The above was taken from an email Cathy received in her MailBox and forwarded to me which I have placed here for you this Saturday the 10th August 2013. Sounds like a lot of work ?


One thought on “How Do They Choose A Winner ?

  1. AWESOME SCULTURES…AMAZING TALENT. Thanks for posting it, Rhon


    Posted by Rhon | August 10, 2013, 2:12 pm

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