SA Genocide Watch

70,000 Whites Murdered In South Africa Since 1994

sunette01Alfabetical list of a Genocide as posted on Sunette Bridges Web Site in South Africa

I believe this is necessary to keep track of all the murdered white people in South Africa for future generations

According to various sources, almost 70 000 White People have been murdered by Blacks in South Africa since 1994! These people were shot, bludgeoned, hacked, tortured, burnt, stabbed and mutilated. There is no official list available with the names of all these victims and since 2007 it has become very difficult to keep any kind of record as police no longer mention the race of the victim nor the perpetrator on the official reports.

I have been working on a list for quite some time but it is impossible to complete this list without help from the public. Here are the names of the victims listed from A to Z. These names appear on various lists on the internet. Not all the detail I found on the internet is correct and in many cases these people were attacked but survived. I would like to do a complete list of actual murders on White people that doesn’t contain any false information as this destroys the credibility of our case. If you find names that were wrongfully listed, please advise so this can be corrected.

I have not worked through the official “Farm Murders” list yet, but will post the names on confirmation. This list alone contains over 4 000 names. It will take some time to complete this list, so bare with me.

I would greatly appreciate your help in this regard! If you know of relatives and friends that have been murdered, whose names do not appear on the list, please provide me with the detail in the comment section so I can add their names to the list once verified. In cases where I did not have a first name I used an “F” for female and “MR” for male. If you know the names of these victims, please provide the detail together with the number. If any of the detail is incorrect, please provide the correct detail together with the number. I will update the list at least once every 24 hours.

It is time we stop talking about figures, numbers and statistics and speak of the names of the people that died in a Genocide that is being denied, not only by the world but by our own government!

The World needs to know!

PS! To make the task easier, I have to remove the comments as soon as I have posted the detail! Thank you again for helping!

A – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Abbate, Giovanni, 2009/02, Warmbad, Limpopo
  2. Ackerman, Joey, 2006/01, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  3. Albertyn, Henk, 2008/11, Donkerhoek Pretoria, Gauteng
  4. Alborghetti, Marco, 2006/11, Sandbaai, Wes-Kaap
  5. Alchin, Mr, 2000/04, Geduldsfontein Rocklands Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  6. Aldridge, CL, 2003/02, Boston, Natal
  7. Aldum, Hannes, 2000/04, Aona Tshipise, Limpopo
  8. Anderson, Shean, 2009/09, Wagnbietjiekop Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  9. Armstrong, Amor, 2006/12, Rooihuiskraal Pretoria, Gauteng
  10. Armstrong, Bernice, 2006/12, Rooihuiskraal Pretoria, Gauteng
  11. Armstrong, Sarie, 2006/12, Rooihuiskraal Pretoria, Gauteng
  12. Aucamp, Casper, 2010/12, Vandas Thabazimbi, Limpopo
  13. Aucamp, Daleen, 2010/12, Vandas Thabazimbi, Limpopo

B – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Badenhorst, Jan, 2010/10, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  2. Badholdt, Janna, 2003/11, Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  3. Badenhorst, Wessel, 2006/08, Delareyville, Noordwes
  4. Bam, Andre, 2004/08, Doornpoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  5. Bam, Chris, 2004/08, Doornpoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  6. Bank van der, Johan, 2003/04, Vereeniging, Gauteng
  7. Barkhuizen, Sylvia, 2006/07, Kruisement Leslie, Mpumalanga
  8. Barret, John, 2010/04, Margate, Natal
  9. Barret, Margaret, 2010/04, Margate, Natal
  10. Bartlett, Audrey, 2000/10, Silverdale Stutterheim, Oos-Kaap
  11. Barnard, Carli, 2006/11, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  12. Barnard, Rena, 2006/11, Vanderbiljpark, Gauteng
  13. Barnard, Hekkie, 2012/11, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  14. Barnard, Teri-Anne, 1994/06, Goedgegund Ventersburg, Vrystaat
  15. Barnard, Tersia, 1994/06, Goedgegund Ventersburg, Vrystaat
  16. Barnard, Tiaan, 1994/06, Goedgegund Ventersburg, Vrystaat
  17. Barbieri, Rita, 2007/01, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  18. Basson, Andriesa, 2003/12, Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  19. Basson, Pierre, 2003/12, Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  20. Beacon, Cliffort, 2006/05, Gordonsbaai, Wes-Kaap
  21. Beck, Heinrich, 2010/10, Ifafi Hartbeespoort, Noordwes
  22. Beeton, Micheal, 2003/07, Durban, Natal
  23. Begg, Anne, 1998/01, Sunrise-on-Sea Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  24. Bekker, Daniel, 2005/03, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  25. Bekker, Maria, 2005/03, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  26. Bekker, Charlotte, 2011/07, Heidelberg, Gauteng
  27. Bekker, Martiens, 2011/07, Heidelberg, Gauteng
  28. Bekker, Fanie, 2007/02, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  29. Benadie, Andries, 2006/06, Cullinan, Gauteng
  30. Benadie, Hannetjie, 2008/11, Henly on Klip, Gauteng
  31. Benadie, Thinus, 1999/05, Glenharvie Westonaria, Gauteng
  32. Beneke, Charl, 2003/10, De Pan Reitz, Vrystaat
  33. Beneke, Sarel, 2004/02, Plaas Buite, Vrystaat
  34. Bergman, Jack, 2010/08, St. Albans Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  35. Berrington, Wilfred, 2009/04, Muldersderift, Gauteng.
  36. Bester, Natalia, 2001/10, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  37. Bester, Nicole, 2002/05, Pretoria, Gauteng
  38. Beukes, Helga, 2000/01, Pretoria, Gauteng
  39. Beukes, Mr, 2001/11, Tweespruit, Vrystaat
  40. Beukes, Jaco, 2011/08, Van Stadensrus, Vrystaat
  41. Bezuidenhout, Bellien, 2006/05, Damplaas Excelsior, Vrystaat
  42. Bezuidenhout, Jan, 2000/11, farm Vogelfontein Breyten, Mpumalanga
  43. Bezuidenhout, Anna, 2000/11, farm Vogelfontein Breyten, Mpumalanga
  44. Bezuidenhout, Hannu, 2006/10, Linksfield Ridge, Gauteng
  45. Bier, Theuns, 2011/08, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  46. Biggs, Cedric, 2003/08, Albany, Oos-Kaap
  47. Bijkersma, Hendrika, 2008/05, Florida, Gauteng
  48. Bijkersma, Douwe, 2008/05, Florida, Gauteng
  49. Birkenmayer, Victor, 2008/05, Amandasig Pretoria, Gauteng
  50. Blair, Andrew, 2007/02, Umhlanga, Natal
  51. Blair, Jocelyn, 2007/02, Umhlanga, Natal
  52. Blake, Marc, 1994/05, Sunnyside Pretoria, Gauteng
  53. Blewitt, Pat, 2006/10, Walmerpark Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  54. Bloem, Charles, 1995/02, Hatfield Pretoria, Gauteng
  55. Blom, Ghemi, 2004/08, Fraaiuitsicht Senekal, Vrystaat
  56. Bock, Reimond, 2003/04, Phillipi, Wes-Kaap
  57. Boonzaaier, Nico, 1997/12, De Hoop Schweizer Reneke, Noordwes
  58. Booysen, Maxine, 2002/05, Florida Johannesburg, Gauteng
  59. Booysen, Roxanne, 2002/05, Florida Johannesburg, Gauteng
  60. Booysen, Shirley, 2002/05, Florida Johannesburg, Gauteng
  61. Bosch vd, Johannes, 2009/04, Boschkop Pretoria, Gauteng
  62. Boshoff, Johan, 2009/02, Serenata Pretoria, Gauteng
  63. Boshoff, Magda, 2006/12, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  64. Boshoff, Renier, 2009/02, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  65. Boshoff, Babs, 2006/07, Boesmanspruit Carolina, Mpumalanga
  66. Botes, Nick, 2000/09, farm Vergenoegd Swartruggens, Noordwes
  67. Botes, Mike, 2006/12, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  68. Botes, Wesley, 2006/12, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  69. Botes, Wiaan, 2012/05, Delmas, Mpumalanga
  70. Botha, Alyssa, 2012/09, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  71. Botha, Brink, 2008/11, Brits, Noordwes
  72. Botha, Charles, 2006/02, Kaalvlei Vaalwater, Limpopo
  73. Botha, Joey, 2006/02, Kaalvlei Vaalwater, Limpopo
  74. Botha, Emmerenthia, 2006/10, Skuilhoek Luckhoff, Vrystaat
  75. Botha, Hennie, 2006/09, Marken, Limpopo
  76. Botha, Irene, 2001/03, Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  77. Botha, Johannes, 2001/01, Rietfontein Maartenshoop, Mpumalanga
  78. Botha, Hannes, 2006/12, Evander, Mpumalanga
  79. Botha, Jenny, 2004/04, King’s Beach Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  80. Botha, Kitty, 2010/12, Lyttleton Pretoria, Gauteng
  81. Botha, Piet, 2002/02, Crocodillian Estate Fochville, Gauteng
  82. Botha, Robert, 2010/05, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  83. Botha, Tienie, 2007/01, Sterpark Pietersburg, Limpopo
  84. Botha, Willie, 2001/04, Elna Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  85. Bothma, Inez Ida, 2003/01, Machadodorp, Mpumalanga
  86. Boucher, Andre, 2001/01, Fochville, Gauteng
  87. Bouwer, Carina, 207/01, Wilgers Pretoria, Gauteng
  88. Bouwer, Jan, 2007/01, Wilgers Pretoria, Gauteng
  89. Bouwer, Petie, 2012/05, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  90. Bonvino, David, 2006/07, Margate, Natal
  91. Brak, Jan, 2004/05, Wilgerboom Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  92. Braun, Clare, 2006/10, Pretoria, Gauteng
  93. Bredenkamp, Jan, 2001/09, Vredefort, Vrystaat
  94. Breedt, Hendrik, 2006/03, Honingkraal Roossenekal, Vrystaat
  95. Breedt, Ina, 2006/03, Honingkraal Roossenekal, Vrystaat
  96. Breedt, Lena, 2006/03, Honingkraal Roossenekal, Vrystaat
  97. Brenner, Ernie, 2001/03, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  98. Brentschneider, Fritz, 2002/07, Kromdraai Warmbad, Limpopo
  99. Breytenbach, Guliette, 2006/10, Bashewa Garsfontein, Gauteng
  100. Brits, Theunis, 1998/04, Jersey Vierfontein, Vrystaat
  101. Britz, Albertus, 2000/09, Villiers, Vrystaat
  102. Broskie, Tess, 2012/05, Malvern, Gauteng
  103. Brown, Cheryl, 2007/01, Plaas, Natal
  104. Brown, Lionel, 2007/01, Plaas, Natal
  105. Brown, Phillip, 2007/01, Plaas, Natal
  106. Brown, Yvonne, 2002/04, Blinkwater Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  107. Brummer, Douw, 2011/10, Dwaalboom, Limpopo
  108. Buitendach, John, 2003/04, Centurion, Gauteng
  109. Burger, Aletta, 2003/02, Hartsvallei, Vrystaat
  110. Burger, Piet, 2003/02, Hartsvallei, Vrystaat
  111. Burger, Barend, 2007/02, Pretoria Noord, Gauteng
  112. Burger, Elma, 2008/11, Montagu, Wes-Kaap
  113. Burger, Estelle, 2002/11, Topfontein Bethal, Mpumalanga
  114. Butler, Robert, 2003/02, Esperado Valley Baberton, Mpumalnga
  115. Butt, MR, 2000/05, Mooiplaas Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  116. Buys, Dina, 1998/07, Geluksrus Mooi Rivier, Natal
  117. Buys, Philip, 2003/09, Weenen, Natal
  118. Buys, Zinta, 2007/01, Mondeor Johannesburg, Gauteng

C – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Cameron, Jackie, 2006/05, Groenpunt Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  2. Cannaerts, Etienne, 2010/03, Ellisras, Limpopo
  3. Carlson, Matthew, 2007/01, Devon, Gauteng
  4. Charles, Owen, 2012/08, Jansenville, Oos-Kaap
  5. Chatterton, Jacqueline, 2007/01, Boston, Natal
  6. Cilliers, Blokkies, 1998/02, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  7. Cillliers, P, 2009/12, Loraine Ceres, Wes-Kaap
  8. Cilliers, Willow, 2006/08, Plaas Brandvlei, Noord-Kaap
  9. Cilliers, Bekkie, 2008/07, Brits, Noordwes
  10. Claasen, Rencia, 2006/12, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  11. Clark, Freddie, 2007/02, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  12. Cloete, Desmond, 2001/10, Happy Valley Barkley-Oos, Oos-Kaap
  13. Cloete, Gerhardus, 2002/07, Dikholo Brits, Noordwes
  14. Cocks, Michelle, 2002/09, Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  15. Coetzee, Annetjie, 2004/06, Port St.Johns, Oos-Kaap
  16. Coetzee, Eben, 2009/06, Rosashof Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  17. Coetzee, Frik, 2008/07, Baberton, Mpumalanga
  18. Coetzee, Koos, 2006/04, Tweespruit Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  19. Coetzee, Maggie, 2006/04, Tweespruit Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  20. Coetzee, Marissa, 2008/07, Outeniqua, Wes-Kaap
  21. Coetzee, Ryk, 2005/09, Ongelukshoop Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  22. Coetzee, Ria, 2012/08, St Michael on Sea, Natal
  23. Collins, F, 2006/06, Koppieskraal Clocolan, Vrystaat
  24. Combrinck, Alida, 2006/07, Luckhoff, Vrystaat
  25. Combrink, Mark, 2006/07, Table View Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  26. Conradi, Alwyn, 2007/02, Erasmuskloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  27. Conradi, Zena, 2007/02, Erasmuskloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  28. Conway, Jan, 2002/10, Pelgrimsrus, Mpumalanga
  29. Cordier, Petrus, 2000/09, Wesselsbron, Vrystaat
  30. Cordier, Dina, 2000/09, Wesselsbron, Vrystaat
  31. Couto, Emilio, 2008/08, Doornpoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  32. Cowly, Olwyn, 2012/09, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  33. Croeser, Erica, 2010/08, Msinsi Albert Falls, Natal
  34. Cronje, Flip, 2000/12, Koster, Noordwes
  35. Cronje, George, 2010/06, Komatipoort, Mpumalanga
  36. Cronje, Henri, 2005/07, Franschoek, Wes-Kaap
  37. Cronje, M, 2006/03, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  38. Cronje, Ronel, 2006/03, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  39. Cronje, F, 2006/03, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  40. Croucamp, Brian, 2000/11, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  41. Cross, John, 2000/04, Cottendale Gravelotte, Limpopo
  42. Cross, Bina, 2000/04, Cottendale Gravelotte, Limpopo
  43. Cruse, Julie, 2012/6, Pullenshope, Mpumalanga
  44. Cummings, M, 2003/10, Steynsburg, Oos-Kaap
  45. Cuscito, Antonio, 2007/01, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng

D – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Daffue, Gert, 2007/01, Mountain View Pretoria, Gauteng
  2. Daffue, Lani, 2007/01, Mountain View Pretoria, Gauteng
  3. Dafue, Koos, 2010/08, Ellisras, Limpopo
  4. Dalgleish, Craig James, 1994/05, Dawn Park, Gauteng
  5. Daniels, Owen, 2008/11, Elandslaagte, Limpopo
  6. Day, Frans, 2012/05, Navalsig Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  7. De Beer, Charin,2007/01, Bryanston Johannesburg, Gauteng
  8. De Beer, Estelle, 1999/12, Pretoria, Gauteng
  9. De Beer, Jan, 2008/12, Verkyk Volksrust, Mpumalanga
  10. De Beer, MR, 2000/07, Rustplaas Piet Retief, Mpumalanga
  11. De Bruyn, F, 2006/05, Plaas Santigo, Vrystaat
  12. De Bruyn, Wouter, 2012/05, Centurion, Gauteng
  13. De Clercq, Tobias, 2001/01, In de Middel Schoemanskloof, Mpumalanga
  14. Deetlefs, Danie, 2001/12, Almondale, Oos-Kaap
  15. De Goede, Margaret, 2012/05, Delmas, Mpumalanga
  16. De Jager, Piet, 2003/10, Laatgevonde Levubu, Limpopo
  17. De Jager, Manie, 2006/07, Schurweberg Pretoria, Gauteng
  18. De Jager, Johan, 2003/03, Upington, Noord-Kaap
  19. De Jager, Theo, 2010/08, Rietfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  20. De Jong, Albertus, 2010/10, Perdefontein Wallmansthal Pretoria, Gauteng
  21. Dekker, Jaap, 2003/03, Piet Retief, Mpumalanga
  22. De Klerk, Dr CH (Boer) ,2007/01/01, Menlo Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  23. De Klerq, Julius, 2003/02, Amersfoort, Mpumalanga
  24. De Kock, Corrie, 2006/04, Zeerust, Noordwes
  25. De Kock, Koos, 2006/04, Zeerust, Noordwes
  26. De Kock, Thomas, 2012/06, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  27. De Lange, MR, 2000/01, Grootvlei Hammanskraal, Gauteng
  28. De Lange, Evelin, 2001/05, Mount Pleasant Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  29. De Lange, John, 2001/05, Mount Pleasant Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  30. De Lange, Willem, 1999/08, Witfield Boksburg, Gauteng
  31. Delport, Lillian, 2002/03, De Deur, Gauteng
  32. Delport, Marius, 2002/03, De Deur, Gauteng
  33. Delport, Martin, 2002/11, Rietfontein Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  34. De Necker, Nellie, 2001/06, Schuinshoeck Pietersburg, Limpopo
  35. De Necker, Tonie, 2001/06, Schuinshoeck Pietersburg, Limpopo
  36. Deneeghere, Louis, 2010/10, Kensington, Wes-Kaap
  37. Dennis, Peter, 2001/04, Sterkfontein, Noordwes
  38. Dennis, William, 2001/05, Yellowwood King Williams Town, Oos-Kaap
  39. Dennis, Shirley, 2001/05, Yellowwood King Williams Town, Oos-Kaap
  40. Dent, Robin, 2002/06, Wartburg, Natal
  41. Dent, Alison, 2002/06, Wartburg, Natal
  42. Dent, Nocholas, 2002/06, Wartburg, Natal
  43. De Nysschen, Mr, 2000/06, Twee Buffels Coligny, Noordwes
  44. De Toit, Emile, 2007/01, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  45. De Toit, Francois, 2007/01, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  46. De Toit, Michelle, 2007/01, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  47. Deventer van, Albert, 2010/03, Plaas, Limpopo
  48. De Vos, Phillip, 2005/10, Walmer Port Elizbeth, Oos-Kaap
  49. Deysel, At, 2008/11, Lichtenburg, Noordwes
  50. Deysel, Katerina, 2008/11, Lichtenburg, Noordwes
  51. Deventer van, Pieter, 2006/09, Rooipoort Potgietersrus, Limpopo
  52. Dewalt, Arent, 1999/07, Katboschfontein Delmas, Mpumalanga
  53. Dewalt, Danie, 1999/07, Katboschfontein Delmas, Mpumalanga
  54. Dewilde, Johan, 2003/09, Levubu, Limpopo
  55. Dewilde, F, 2003/09, Levubu, Limpopo
  56. Dewilde, C, 2003/09, Levubu, Limpopo
  57. De Witt, Chris, 2000/07, Kliprandkloof Danhauser, Natal
  58. Dickens, Johnny, 2007/02, Silvertondale Pretoria, Gauteng
  59. Diedericks, Gertuide, 2000/11, Baviaanskloof Volksrust, Mpumalanga
  60. Diederick, Adel, 2006/12, Randfontein, Gauteng
  61. Dirker, Petru, 2006/10, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  62. Disario, Grisella, 2006/11, Sandbaai, Wes-Kaap
  63. Disario, Sergio, 2006/11, Sandbaai, Wes-Kaap
  64. Dixie, Clyde, 2006/04, Berea Durban, Natal
  65. Dixie, Lynton, 2006/04, Berea Durban, Natal
  66. Dixie, Roy, 2006/04, Berea Durban, Natal
  67. Dixie, Yvonne, 2006/04, Berea Durban, Natal
  68. Dorey, Elizabeth, 2010/09, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  69. Donaldson, D, 2002/03, Bishopstowe, Natal
  70. Doring, Antony, 2009/11, Adamshurst Howick, Natal
  71. Drake, Ronald, 2012/05, Pietermartizburg, Natal
  72. Drennen, Janine, 2003/08, Pretoria, Gauteng
  73. Drennen, Kayla, 2003/08, Pretoria, Gauteng
  74. Dunn, Paul, 2010/02, Constantia Letsitele, Limpopo
  75. Du Plessis, Andre, 2003/02, Rouxville Baberton, Mpumalanga
  76. Du Plessis, Antoinette, 2012/10, Claremont, Wes-Kaap
  77. Du Plessis, Charles, 2008/07, Sterkspruit, Limpopo
  78. Du Plessis, Dup, 2003/10, Melbourne Tom Burke, Limpopo
  79. Du Plessis, Jacobus, 1999/12, Kinkelbos Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  80. Du Plessis, Eunice, 1999/12, Kinkelbos Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  81. Du Plessis, S, 1999/12, Kinkelbos Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  82. Du Plessis, Rina, 2007/01, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  83. Du Plessis, Willie, 2001/02, Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  84. Du Plessis, Rina, 2003/11, Ellisras, Limpopo
  85. Du Plessis, Andrew, 2006/02, Berea Durban, Natal
  86. Du Plessis, Arnie, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  87. Du Plessis, Gerda, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  88. Du Plessis, Freek, 2006/12, Bochkraal Addo, Oos-Kaap
  89. Du Plessis, F, 2006/12, Bochkraal Addo, Oos-Kaap
  90. Du Plooy, Marius, 2008/06, Alberton, Gauteng
  91. Du Plooy, Andrew, 2006/02, Berea Durban, Natal
  92. Du Preez, Arnie, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  93. Du Preez, PJ, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  94. Du Preez, Gerda, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  95. Du Preez, Jan, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  96. Du Preez, Iris, 2004/08, Wilgeboom Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  97. Durandt, Steven, 2010/01, Bloemspruit, Vrystaat
  98. Du Toit, Christa, 2010/09, Swazina Uitzicht Pretoria, Gauteng
  99. Du Toit, Fanie, 2002/10, Graanlaagte Hertzogville,
  100. Du Toit, Fritz, 2005/03, Louis Trichard, Limpopo
  101. Du Toit, MR, 2000/07, Koesterfontein Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  102. Du Toit, Rita, 2000/07, Koesterfontein Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  103. Du Toit, Stefan, 2007/02, Florentia Alberton, Gauteng
  104. Du Toit, F, 2004/07, Brits, Noordwes
  105. Du Toit, Jan, 2012/09, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  106. Dunn, Nicky, 2006/02, Berea Durban, Natal

E – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Early, Christopher, 2012/07, Hibberdene, Natal
  2. Early, Jennifer, 2012/07, Hibberdene, Natal
  3. Engelbrecht, Carel, 2000/07, Haweford Paterson, Vrystaat
  4. Engelbrecht, E, 2000/11, De Kroon Brits, Noordwes
  5. Engelbrecht, Gert, 2008/08, Oshoek Memel, Vrystaat
  6. Engelbrecht, Kotie, 2002/11, Ou Constantia Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  7. Engelbrecht, Susan, 1997/07, Riverside Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  8. Erasmus, Christopher, 1999/03, Vryburg, Noordwes
  9. Erasmus, Johanna, 2000/06, Welbekend Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  10. Erasmus, Lourens, 1997/05, Kya Sands Johannesburg, Gauteng
  11. Erasmus, Marthie, 2005/03, Moedwil Koster, Noordwes
  12. Erasmus, Piet, 1998/07, Geluksrus Mooi Rivier, Natal
  13. Ernst, Pieter, 2005/07, Hekpoort, Noordwes
  14. Etsebeth, Albert, 2006/12, Faerie Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  15. Etsebeth, Carin, 2006/12, Faerie Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  16. Eyssel, Bobby, 2003/07, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

F – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Faber, Johan, 2007/04, Pretoria, Gauteng
  2. Farrel, Fred, 1998/06, Duneside, Natal
  3. Fitch, Raymond, 2008/08, Swartberg, Noordwes
  4. Fitch, Yvonne, 2008/08, Swartberg, Noordwes
  5. Foster, Vernon, 2002/12, Gordonsbaai, Oos-Kaap
  6. Fourie, Lenie, 2002/01, Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  7. Fourie, Albie, 2002/01, Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  8. Fourie, Andrew, 2010/11, Boschpoort Vaalwater, Noordwes
  9. Fourie, Annerette, 2006/11, Rietfontein Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  10. Fourie, Anton, 2007/01, Bothaville, Vrystaat
  11. Fourie, Christoffel, 1997/ 12, Montana Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  12. Fourie, David, 2001/10, Soutpan, Vrystaat
  13. Fourie, Eugene, 2006/10, Rietfontein Verkeerdevlei, Vrystaat
  14. Fourie, Annemarie, 2006.10, Rietfontein Verkeerdevlei, Vrystaat
  15. Fourie, Johan, 2003/09, Rietfontein Modderrivier, Wes-Kaap
  16. Fourie, Ockie, 2003/09, Rietfontein Modderrivier, Wes-Kaap
  17. Fourie, Johan, 2012/09, Koppe Trompsburg, Vrystaat
  18. Fourie, Cecile, 2012/09, Koppe Trompsburg, Vrystaat
  19. Fourie, Gerhard, 2012/05, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  20. Francis, Brenda, 2004/04, King’s Beach Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  21. Frankish, Travey-Leigh, 2002/06, Farmall Fourways Johannesburg, Gauteng
  22. Fraser, At, 2012/07, Kuruman, Noord-Kaap
  23. Fredericks, Willie, 2002/03, Vrede Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  24. Freitas de, Jose, 2000/11, Exotica Nelspuit, Mpumalanga

G – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Gale, Felicity, 2002/03, Fort Jackson, Oos-Kaap
  2. Gallasz, Gustav, 2001/05, Kosterfontein Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  3. Gander, Eric, 2007/02, Parkhurst Johannesburg, Gauteng
  4. Gander, Marguerite, 2007/02, Parkhurst Johannesburg, Gauteng
  5. Gardner, Guy, 2002/02, Breeze Inn Bishopstowe, Natal
  6. Geldenhuys, Jurie, 2000/01, Rietfontein Hartbeesfontein, Noordwes
  7. Geldenhuys, Jocobus, 1999/09, Delmas, Mpumalanga
  8. Gemballa, Uwe, 2010/10, Lanseria Johannesburg, Gauteng
  9. Gerber, Marchant, 1998/08, Boschrug George, Wes-Kaap
  10. Gericke, Mariaan, 2005/07, Greenbushes Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  11. Gericke, Margaret, 2005/07, Greenbushes Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  12. Germishuys, Gerrie, 2007/01, Northcliff Johannesburg, Gauteng
  13. Germishuys, Sarie, 2007/01, Northcliff Johannesburg, Gauteng
  14. Germishuys, Jean, 2006/01, Kemptonpark, Gauteng
  15. Gersbach, Francois, 2007/01, Mondeor Johannesburg, Gauteng
  16. Gersbach, Hester, 2007/01, Mondeor Johannesburg, Gauteng
  17. Gersbach, Lourens, 2007/01, Mondeor Johannesburg, Gauteng
  18. Geyer, Camden, 1998/01, Nahoon Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  19. Geyer, Quintin, 1998/01, Nahoon Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  20. Geyer, Ryan, 2000/08, Swavelpoort Boschkop, Pretoria
  21. Geyer, Anna, 2006/06, Sterkstroom De Doorns, Wes-Kaap
  22. Gibson, Martin, 2005/01, Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  23. Giesseke, Ernest, 2010/01, Good Hope Ficksburg, Vrystaat
  24. Goosen, Nicholas, 2003/06, Meadowbank Vrede, Vrystaat
  25. Gouws, Helena, 2012/06, Ugie, Oos-Kaap
  26. Gouws, Hannes, 2002/12, Driehoek Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  27. Gouws, Kleintjie, 2002/12, Driehoek Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  28. Gouws, Jaque, 2005/12, Olifantspoortjie Steelpoort, Limpopo
  29. Gouws, Leon, 2005/12, Olifantspoortjie Steelpoort, Limpopo
  30. Gouws, F, 2005/12, Olifantspoortjie Steelpoort, Limpopo
  31. Gouws, Ria, 2004/05, Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  32. Greyvensteyn, Johan, 2010/11, Mussina, Limpopo
  33. Greyvensteyn, Anneliese, 2010/11, Mussina, Limpopo
  34. Graham, MR, 2000/08, Tuschenbei Utrecht, Natal
  35. Graig, Lardner, 2006/07, Far Horizons Paardenberg, Wes-Kaap
  36. Greeff, Bets, 2012/09, Sandton Johannesburg, Gauteng
  37. Greeff, Gawie, 2012/09, Sandton Johannesburg, Gauteng
  38. Green, Bob, 2001/02, Meyerton, Gauteng
  39. Green, Joy, 2001/02, Meyerton, Gauteng
  40. Greyling, Susan, 2007/02, Eldoraigne Pretoria, Gauteng
  41. Greyvenstein, Paul, 2006/06, Hekpoort Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  42. Greig, David, 2000/01, Hartzenbergfontein Walkerville, Gauteng
  43. Greig, Hannah, 2000/01, Hartzenbergfontein Walkerville, Gauteng
  44. Griebenow, Willie, 2003/06, Walkerville, Gauteng
  45. Griesel, Henk, 2006/07, Kemptonpark, Gauteng
  46. Grindle, Susanah, 1998/01, Coffee Bay, Transkei
  47. Grobbelaar, Pierre, 2003/05, Benoni, Gauteng
  48. Grobler, Douw, 2003/07, Cullinan, Gauteng
  49. Grobler, Frederika, 2003/07, Cullinan, Gauteng
  50. Grobler, Gerhard, 2007/01, Golfpark Meyerton, Gauteng
  51. Grobler, Gert, 1996/09, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  52. Grobler, Maria, 1996/09, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  53. Grobler, Naas, 2000/09, Vaalrivier Deneysville, Vrystaat
  54. Grobler, Wessel, 2001/08, Witrivier, Mpumalanga
  55. Grootendorst, MR, 2000/07, Kaalfontein Rayton, Gauteng
  56. Grundy, Isla, 2002/09, Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  57. Guillaume, Celia, 2005/01, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  58. Gunter, Anna, 1998/01, Enkelboom Heuningspruit, Vrystaat
  59. Gunter, Piet, 1998/01, Enkelboom Heuningspruit, Vrystaat

H – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Haasbroek, Beatrix, 2006/12, Albertsville Johannesburg, Gauteng
  2. Haasbroek, Lourens, 1997/06, Rayton, Gauteng
  3. Hamilton, Willem, 1996/05, Uitkyk Nigel, Gauteng
  4. Hamilton, Ronnie, 1998/04, Port St. Johns, Natal
  5. Hanekom, Joachim, 2001/09, Franschoek, Wes-Kaap
  6. Hansen, Marieta, 2005/03, Hoenydew Johannesburg, Gauteng
  7. Harman, Jerry, 2007/08, Mooinooi, Noordwes
  8. Harmse, Bartho, 2002/04, Isithebe Mandeni, Natal
  9. Harmse, Chantelle, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  10. Harmse, Charlene, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  11. Harmse, Selma, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  12. Harmse, Willem, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  13. Harmse, Hennie, 1999/03, Kendal, Mpumalanga
  14. Harmzen, Chrissie, 2010/08, Dresden Burgersfort, Mpumalanga
  15. Hartman, Boet, 1998/09, Doornpoort Zeerust, Noordwes
  16. Hartman, Ralie, 1998/09, Doornpoort Zeerust, Noordwes
  17. Hartzer, Alida, 2006/08, Roodepoort Ventersdorp, Noordwes
  18. Haw, Juliet, 2011/10, Voelklip Hermanus, Wes-Kaap
  19. Heathfield, Ria, 1998/08, Boschrug George, Wes-Kaap
  20. Hattingh, Conrad, 2003/05, Koperfontein Boons, Noordwes
  21. Hattingh, Piet, 2003/02, Roedtan, Limpopo
  22. Haynes, Lila, 1999/11, Stutterheim, Oos-Kaap
  23. Havenga, Elize, 2008/02, Rietfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  24. Hebler, Fred, 2003/10, Brandfort, Vrystaat
  25. Hebler, Maria, 2003/10, Brandfort, Vrystaat
  26. Heck, Heinrich, 2010/10, Ifafi Hartbeespoort, Noordwes
  27. Hecter, Christiaan, 2012/08, Margate, Natal
  28. Henderson, MR, 2000/05, Hunters Farm Hekpoort, Noordwes
  29. Henning, Aletta, 1999/02, Marble Hall, Limpopo
  30. Henning, Daleen, 2012/09, Boksburg, Gauteng
  31. Henning, Johan, 2012/06, Boksburg, Gauteng
  32. Hepburn, Fransie, 2007/02, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  33. Herbert, Jennifer, 2006/10, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  34. Herbst, Annika, 2006/10, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  35. Herbst, Chris, 2006/10, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  36. Herbst, Juleen, 2006/10, Elardus Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  37. Herbst, Kulsum, 2008/11, Elandslaagte, Limpopo
  38. Herbst, Stan, 2003/09, Bella Pelgrimsrus, Mpumalanga
  39. Herbst, Tommy, 2003/09, Bella Pelgrimsrus, Mpumalanga
  40. Herbst, Sue, 2003/09, Barloworld Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  41. Heuer, Sarah, 2001/01, Germiston, Gauteng
  42. Hewat, John, 2005/06, Donnybrook Komga, Oos-Kaap
  43. Hewitson, Lulu, 2008/09, Westcliff Hermanus, Wes-Kaap
  44. Higgo, Kempen, 2012/08, Scottburg, Natal
  45. Hill, Duggie, 2000/02, Klerksdorp, Noordwes
  46. Hill, Duggie, 2000/02, Klerksdorp, Noordwes
  47. Hills, Phillip, 2002/05, Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  48. Hodson, Leonard, 2009/09, Winterton, Natal
  49. Hoffman, Annemarie, 1999/01, Eensgevonde Reitz, Vrystaat
  50. Hoffman, Braam, 1999/01, Eensgevonde Reitz, Vrystaat
  51. Hoffman, Danie, 1999/01, Eensgevonde Reitz, Vrystaat
  52. Hoffman, Evre, 2008/07, Burgersfort, Limpopo
  53. Hohne, John, 2001/08, Ventersvilla Windserton, Noord-Kaap
  54. Holder, Irene, 2001/04, Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
  55. Holtzhauzen, Saar, 2009/01, Rietfontein Alkmaar Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  56. Holmes, Sue, 2007/02, Constantia, Wes-Kaap
  57. Holmes, Peter, 2007/02, Constantia, Wes-Kaap
  58. Honeyborne, Piet, 2009/05, Goedehoop Blinkpan Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  59. Hoon, Ernst, 2010/04, Leeuwfontein, Gauteng
  60. Horn, Anneliese, 2004/01, Vanstadenskloof, Oos-Kaap
  61. Horrman, Colleen, 2006/06, Canasta Place Ford Grey, Oos-Kaap
  62. Horrman, Des, 2006/06, Canasta Place Ford Grey, Oos-Kaap
  63. Horstmann, Robert, 2007/01, Bellville, Wes-Kaap
  64. Hough, Gawie, 2004/04, Roossenekal, Vrystaat
  65. Hough, Henry, 1998/09, Garsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  66. Hough, Isabella, 1998/09, Garsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  67. Hough, Marietjie, 1998/09, Garsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  68. Hudges, Marlene, 2001/10, Kromdraai, Gauteng
  69. Human, Dirk, 2010/04, Boschkop Mooiplaats, Gauteng
  70. Hunt, Nicolas, 2000/07, Bushy Durr Observatory, Wes-Kaap
  71. Hunt, Robert, 2000/07, Bushy Durr Observatory, Wes-Kaap
  72. Hunter, Robert, 2010/03, Mullerstuine Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  73. Huntley, Vivian, 2000/12, Natal Midlands, Natal
  74. Huppe, Kurt, 2008/07, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  75. Huxam, Neville, 2006/12, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  76. Huyser, JSA, 2012/01, Mooinooi, Noordwes
  77. Huyssen, Joachim, 2007/01, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng

I – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Ingegnere, Anthony, 2000/12, Durban, Natal
  2. Ingegnere, Glenn, 2000/12, Durban, Natal
  3. Ingegnere, Lindy, 2000/12, Durban, Natal
  4. Ingegnere, Sarah-Lee, 2000/12, Durban, Natal
  5. Ingram, George, 2000/11, Meriba Bethlehem, Vrystaat

J – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Jacobs, Catherina, 2001/12, Middeldeel Edenburg, Vrystaat
  2. Jacobs, Dirk, 2003/04, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  3. Jacobs, Tania, 2001/09, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  4. Jacobs, Vossie, 2003/04, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  5. Jagger, Samantha, 2001/10, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  6. Janse van Rensburg, Hendrik, 2008/03, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  7. Janse van Rensburg, Hester, 2001/03, Komkommerhoek Steynsburg, Oos-Kaap
  8. Janse van Rensburg, Hettie, 2001/03, Rooikoppies Marikana, Noordwes
  9. Janse van Rensburg, Pricille, 2001/03, Rooikoppies Marikana, Noordwes
  10. Jansen, Neels, 2010/07, Roodia Roodepoort, Gauteng
  11. Jobling, Beresford, 2012/09, Hartbeeshoek Hekpoort, Noordwes
  12. Johnson, Brad, 1998/01, Nahoon Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  13. Jones, Deb, 1998/01, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  14. Jones, Rob, 1998/01, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  15. Jones, Herman, 2001/01, Klipplatsdrift Standerton, Mpumalanga
  16. Jonkheid, Klaas, 2009/06, Spier Landgoed Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  17. Jooste, Lynette, 2001/11, Kromdraai, Gauteng
  18. Jooste, Ilse, 2001/11, Kromdraai, Gauteng
  19. Jooste, Yolanda, 2001/11, Kromdraai, Gauteng
  20. Jordaan, Andre, 2012/09, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  21. Jordaan, Christo, 2003/05, Kraaifontein, Wes-Kaap
  22. Joseph, Ernst, 2009/05, Kokstad, Natal
  23. Jordaan, Frans, 2008/11, Bultfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  24. Jordaan, Mike, 2006/10, Rooikranskoppie Rustenburg, Noordwes
  25. Jordaan, Ria, 1997/11, Tweefontein Molteno, Oos-Kaap
  26. Jordaan, Willie, 2003/10, Swagershoek Clocolan, Vrystaat
  27. Joubert, Deon, 2007/01, Florida Park, Gauteng
  28. Joubert, Wilma, 2007/01, Florida Park, Gauteng
  29. Joubert, Koos, 2008/07, Wonderboom-Suid Pretoria, Gauteng
  30. Joubert, Swys, 2006/10, Johannesburg, Gauteng

K – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Karg, Lorraine, 2010/06, Sherwood Mooi Rivier, Natal
  2. Katonis, Nicolas, 2007/09, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  3. Katonis, Rula, 2007/09, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  4. Kearney, Frans, 2006/11, Moreletta Park Pretoria, Gauteng
  5. Keith, D, 2000/08, Florida Port Edward, Natal
  6. Killian, Killies, 2004/02, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  7. Killian, Justin, 2000/11, Baberton, Mpumalanga
  8. Kirsten, Alexa, 2005/02, Natal Midlands, Natal
  9. Kleynhans, Ferdie, 2006/12, Randfontein, Gauteng
  10. Kleynhans, Dirk, 2006/09, Marken, Limpopo
  11. Klingbill, Marius, 2002/07, Lagerspoort Heidelberg, Gauteng
  12. Klingbill, F, 2002/07, Lagerspoort Heidelberg, Gauteng
  13. Kloeck, MR, 2000/04, Doornrandjies Erasmia Pretoria, Gauteng
  14. Knoetzen, Christiaan, 1994/09, Daspoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  15. Knoetsen, Jubre, 2006/10, Jonkershoek Welkom, Vrystaat
  16. Knoetze, Annette, 2012/08, Odendaalsrus, Vrystaat
  17. Koekemoer, Sarel, 2009/09, Bultfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  18. Koen, Dirk, 2012/04, Rosettenville Johannesburg, Gauteng
  19. Koen, Eureka, 2005/11, Edgemead Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  20. Kotze, Stefanus, 2008/10, Garies Namaqualand, Noord-Kaap
  21. Kouremetis, Chris, 2010/10, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  22. Krapohl, Theuns, 2002/07, Bergrivier Goeie Hoop, Wes-Kaap
  23. Kriegler, Surina, 2012/10, Elsburg Johannesburg, Gauteng
  24. Kriek, Lelanie, 2006/02, Sunnyside Pretoria, Gauteng
  25. Kriel, Jeanne, 2001/10, Kromdraai Witbank, Mpumalanga
  26. Kriel, Johannes, 2003/02, Rouxville Baberton, Mpumalanga
  27. Kritzinger, Willem, 2000/08, Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  28. Kritzinger, Albie, 200/08, Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  29. Krog, Duvina, 1998/02, Dinwiddie Germiston, Gauteng
  30. Krog, Vivian, 2007/02, Krugrsdorp, Gauteng
  31. Kruger, Andre, 2012/07, Pretoria, Gauteng
  32. Kruger, David, 2012/05, Alberton, Gauteng
  33. Kruger, Floris, 2001/03, St Albans, Oos-Kaap
  34. Kruger, Elamrie, 2006/11, Leeuspruit Grootvlei, Mpumalanga
  35. Kruger, Johan, 2006/11, Leeuspruit Grootvlei, Mpumalanga
  36. Kruger, Francois, 2001/05, Heidedal Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  37. Kruger, Hian, 2007/01, Faerie Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  38. Kruger, Ibele, 2009/10, Magalies Moot Brits, Noordwes
  39. Kruger, Ruger, 2002/03, Don-Don Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  40. Kruger, Surina, 2012/10, Elsburg, Gauteng
  41. Kruger, Wilma, 2004/02, Waverley Pretoria, Gauteng
  42. Kuli, Jozseph, 2009/03, Johannesburg, Gauteng

L – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Laaper, Ronald, 2001/07, Misty Hills Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga
  2. Labuschagne, Marius, 2009/08, Farmall Fourways, Gauteng
  3. Laine, David, 2012/06, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  4. Lake, Johannes, 2002/07, Lynspruit Vryheid, Natal
  5. Lambinon, Beatrice, 2003/09, Dieprivier Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  6. Lamprecht, Renier, 2001/04, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  7. Lamprecht, Wouter, 2007/02, Boksburg, Gauteng
  8. Landsberg, DJ, 2002/02, Doornplaats Ottoshoop, Noordwes
  9. Le Grange, Johan, 2001/07, Kalbasfontein Witbank, Mpumalanga
  10. Lange de, Ange, 2000/11, Grootvlei Hammanskraal, Gauteng
  11. Langenhoven, Marinus, 2004/09, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  12. Laros, Avril, 2007/02, Edendale Edenvale, Gauteng
  13. Le Grange, F, 2001/07, Witbank, Mpumalanga
  14. Leeuwner, Hanlie, 2004/10, Ongegund Caledon, Wes-Kaap
  15. Leeuwner, Johanna, 2004/10, Ongegund Caledon, Wes-Kaap
  16. Lemmer, Olivia, 1997/09, Lemoenfontein Mooiplaas, Oos-Kaap
  17. Lemmer, Richard, 2008/09, Klerksdorp, Noordwes
  18. Lensley, Francois, 2007/01, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  19. Le Roux, Willie, 2009/10, Harkerville Plettenbergbaai, Wes-Kaap
  20. Le Roux, Julie, 2009/10, Harkerville Plettenbergbaai, Wes-Kaap
  21. Le Roux, Susan, 2012/09, Scotsville Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  22. Lewis, George, 2002/08, Witbank, Mpumalanga
  23. Lewis, Albertina, 2002/08, Witbank, Mpumalanga
  24. Lidderd, Hester, 2002/10, Brandfort, Vrystaat
  25. Liebenberg, Floretta, 2002/11, Jannerus Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  26. Liebenberg, Lieb, 2002/11, Jannerus Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  27. Liebenberg, Karin, 2006/03, Warren Amanzimtoti, Natal
  28. Liebenberg, Marethea, 2006/01, Sinoville Pretoria, Gauteng
  29. Litsenborgh von, Carl, 2001/03, Sanice Klapmuts, Wes-Kaap
  30. Litsenborgh von, Peggy, 2001/03, Sanice Klapmuts, Wes-Kaap
  31. Lith van der, Blomerus, 2002/03, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  32. Lith van der, Henna, 2002/03, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  33. Lizamore, Kate, 2010/07, Pinetown, Natal
  34. Lizamore, Graham, 2010/07, Pinetown, Natal
  35. Lombard, Jessica, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  36. Lombard, Cynthia, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  37. Lombard, Tollie, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  38. Lombard, Willie, 2002/12, Kareepoort Brits, Noordwes
  39. Loosen, Jurgen, 2207/07, Rhenosterspruit Lanseria, Gauteng
  40. Lotter, F, 2009/03, Allanridge, Vrystaat
  41. Lotter, Alice, 2009/03, Allanridge, Vrystaat
  42. Lotterie, Wilhelm, 2009/08, Doornfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  43. Lottering, Enslin, 1997/05, Drie Riviere Vereeniging, Gauteng
  44. Lourens, Anthea, 2006/06, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  45. Lourens, Desire, 2006/06, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  46. Lourens, Willem, 2006/06, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  47. Lourens, Anton, 2006/10, Menlopark Pretoria, Gauteng
  48. Lourens, Deon, 2003/12, Brandon Hill Empangeni, Natal
  49. Louwrens, Reina, 2012/09, Montana Pretoria, Gauteng
  50. Lloyd, Dolf, 2003/03, Estoire Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  51. Lubbe, Chris, 2009/07, Hartbeespoortdam, Noordwes
  52. Lubbe, Johan, 1995/05, Roodepoort, Gauteng
  53. Lubbe, F, 2000/05, Peagan Place Estcourt, Natal

M – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Maartens, Hennie, 2004/02, Tierpoort, Vrystaat
  2. Maartens, Johannes, 1999/01, Damplaas Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  3. Maas, Koen, 2009/05, Elandsfontein Fochville, Gauteng
  4. MacDonald, Marius, 2008/10, Leeufontein Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  5. Mack, David, 1999/10, Ixopo, Natal
  6. Madden, Annetjie, 2012/05, Brandfort, Vrystaat
  7. Main, Andrew, 2001/05, Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  8. Malan, Giepie, 1998/08, Kanoneiland Upington, Noord-Kaap
  9. Malan, Willie, 2006/03, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  10. Mans, Rita, 2002/04, Ottosdal, Noordwes
  11. Marais, Abrie, 2002/10, Groenpunt Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  12. Marais, Kobus, 2008/07, Kemtonpark, Gauteng
  13. Marallich, Kevin, 2001/04, Nyoni, Natal
  14. Marcos, Luis, 2006/04, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  15. Marcos, Marinda, 2006/04, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  16. Marais, Marius, 2010/05, Rustenburg, Noordwes
  17. Maree, Johannes, 2002/08, Hillside Randfontein, Gauteng
  18. Maree, Dawie, 2008/05, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  19. Maritz, Alfred, 2001/11, Erasmia Pretoria, Gauteng
  20. Maritz, Gavin, 2012/07, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  21. Massett, Andre, 2008/06, Cullinan, Gauteng
  22. Matthee, Gertruida, 2003/07, Klein Drakensberg, Natal
  23. Matthew, Rosina, 1996/01, Rietfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  24. Mattias, Susan, 2005/11, Lindley Mulderdrift, Gauteng
  25. Maxwell, Miems, 2006/07, Meyerspark Pretoria, Gauteng
  26. May, Kate, 2002/10, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  27. McClean, Tommy, 2009/11, Elands Brits, Noordwes
  28. McLaud, Collin, 2010/02, Meyerton, Gauteng
  29. MC Donald, Brenda, 2006/02, Durban, Natal
  30. McCabe, Keith, 1997/07, Compasberg Nieuw Bethesda, Oos-Kaap
  31. Mc Gaffin, Anne, 2006/04, Grassmoor Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  32. Mc Gaffin, Gordon, 2006/04, Grassmoor Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  33. Mc Gaffin, Leigh, 2006/04, Grassmoor Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  34. McLoughlin, Kevin, 2010/10, North Riding Randburg, Gauteng
  35. Mc Gregor, Marie-Louise, 1998/03, Bloemvlei Elliot, Oos-Kaap
  36. Mc Neal, Robert, 2005/05, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  37. Meintjies, Janine, 2010/12, Dundee, Natal
  38. Meiring, Jannie, 2001/06, Prospect Senekal, Vrystaat
  39. Merryweather, Andrew, 2006/11, Claremont Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  40. Merryweather, Matthew, 2006/09, Rondebosch Kaapstat, Wes-Kaap
  41. Meyer, Bill, 1998/08, Enkelbosch Devon, Gauteng
  42. Meyer, Garth, 2005/12, Walmer Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  43. Meyer, Paul, 2009/02, Selati, Limpopo
  44. Meyer, Johan, 2009/01, Mooivallei Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  45. Meyer, Marie, 2007/01, Erasmuskloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  46. Meyer, Santie, 1998/08, Enkelbosch Devon, Gauteng
  47. Meyer, Billy, 2005/11, Lovedale Mara, Limpopo
  48. Miles, Maggie, 2005/12, Sunny Grove Kidd’s Beach, Oos-Kaap
  49. Mills, Ria, 2012/09, Potsteelhoogte Grootbrak-Rivier, Wes-Kaap
  50. Moll, Jacques, 2008/05, Ficksburg, Vrystaat
  51. Moolman, Chris, 2004/06, Cederville, Natal
  52. Moolman, Johan, 2001/07, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  53. Moolman, F, 2007/02, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  54. Moolman, Nico, 2007/02, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  55. Morgan, Michelle, 2006/02, Durban, Natal
  56. Mould, Shaun, 2012/09, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  57. Moutin, Paul, 2008/07, Roodepoort, Gauteng
  58. Mouton, Christo, 2010/09, Drie Riviere Vereeniging, Gauteng
  59. Muller, Barnie, 1997/12, Secunda, Mpumalanga
  60. Muller, Lenie, 1997/12, Secunda, Mpumalanga
  61. Muller, Carina, 2010/01, Schweizer Reneke, Noordwes
  62. Muller, Pieter, 2006/09, Ermelo, Mpumalanga
  63. Muller, Arina, 2012/06, Mnandi Centurion, Gauteng
  64. Munks, Roy, 2008/07, Hoedspruit, Limpopo
  65. Murley, Roy, 2002/07, Kocksrus Westonaria, Gauteng
  66. Murrin, Richard, 2012/12, Kempton Park, Gauteng
  67. Myburg, Jean, 1999/07, Franschoek, Wes-Kaap
  68. Myburg, Anna, 2010/02, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng

N – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Nash, Alexander, 2004/07, Northcliff Johannesburg, Gauteng
  2. Naude, SG, 2001/04, Olyfenkloof Jamestown, Oos-Kaap
  3. Naude, Frederick, 2003/09, Cullinan, Gauteng
  4. Naude, Beatrize, 2002/12, Doornpoort Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  5. Naude, Willie, 2002/12, Doornpoort Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  6. Neethling, Matthew, 2012/08, Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  7. Neetling, Nadia, 2001/12, Proklamasie Heuwel Pretoria, Gauteng
  8. Nefdt, June, 2012/06, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  9. Nel, Elsa, 1993/09, Klerksdorp, Noordwes
  10. Nel, Gert, 2001/06, Kleinbegin Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  11. Nel, Kobus, 2003/08, Sardinia Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  12. Nel, Leatha, 2006/12, Pietersburg, Limpopo
  13. Nel, Mariette, 2002/03, Ladysmith, Natal
  14. Nel, Tienie, 2008/07, Leslie, Mpumalanga
  15. Nell, Marthinus, 2008/11, Vosman, Mpumalanga
  16. Nelson, Lenie, 2005/09, Summerstrand Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  17. Nepgen, Jennifer, 2004/10, Haakdoringboom, Gauteng
  18. Neuenschwander, Ernst, 2001/04, Panorama Soetendal Wellington, Wes-Kaap
  19. Neuenschander, Trudie, 2001/04, Panorama Soetendal Wellington, Wes-Kaap
  20. Nick, Cornelius, 2006/11, Vorna Valley Midrand, Gauteng
  21. Nick, Lynette, 2006/11, Vorna Valley Midrand, Gauteng
  22. Niehaus, H, 2001/08, Worcester, Wes-Kaap
  23. Niewenhuzen van, Loekie, 2003/12, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  24. Nortje, Inga, 2012/05, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  25. Nortje, Kerneels, 2005/12, Opwag Groblershoop, Noord-Kaap
  26. Nuwenhuizen, Hein, 2002/04, Ford Jackson Oos London, Oos-Kaap

O – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Oberholzer, Desire, 2007/01, Elarduspark Pretoria, Gauteng
  2. Oberholzer, Mr, 2007/01, Elarduspark Pretoria, Gauteng
  3. Oberholzer, Mauritz, 2012/09, Zoutpandsdrift Brits, Noordwes
  4. Odendaal, Francois, 2007/02, Nelspruit, Limpopo
  5. Oellerman, Alfred, 2001/05, Babanago, Natal
  6. Olivier, Pieter, 2002/04, Bleskopfontein, Gauteng
  7. Olivier, Christo, 2002/08, Jan Kempdorp, Noordwes
  8. Olivier, Hester, 2001/07, Lenterus Twee Rivieren Joubertina, Wes-Kaap
  9. Olivier, Lauren, 2007/09, Sunninghill Durban-Noord, Natal
  10. Olwage, Andrew, 2006/10, Bellville, Kaapstad
  11. Olwage, Kowie, 2006/10, Bellville, Kaapstad
  12. O’Neale, Nel, 2003/08, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  13. Oosthuizen, Mr, 2000/10, Klipdrift Hammanskraal, Gauteng
  14. Oosthuizen, Chrissie, 1998/02, Valpan, Gauteng
  15. Oosthuizen, Isak, 1998/02, Valpan, Gauteng
  16. Oosthuizen, Johannes, 2012/07, Carletonville, Gauteng
  17. Oosthuizen, Mr, 2006/03, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  18. Oosthuizen, F, 2006/03, Soutpansberg Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  19. Oosthuizen, Otto, 2005/11, Kuduskraal Louws Creek Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  20. Oosthuizen, Ronnie, 2000/07, Rietgat Koppies, Vrystaat
  21. Opperman, Boks, 2005/08, Weilaagte Delmas, Mpumalanga
  22. Opperman, Mariaan, 2005/08, Weilaagte Delmas, Mpumalanga
  23. Opperman, Tinus, 2002/11, Long Tom Pas, Mpumalanga

P – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Painter, Craig, 2001/10, Erasmia Pretoria, Gauteng
  2. Parkin, Len, 2006/01, Sinoville Pretoria, Gauteng
  3. Partridge, John, 2001/03, Port Edward, Natal
  4. Peach, Carole, 2006/12, Durban, Natal
  5. Pelser, Theunis, 2010/05, Leeuwfontein Kameeldrift, Gauteng
  6. Pestana, Mandy, 2010/10, Linbropark Johannesburg, Gauteng
  7. Peters, Andrelette, 2010/10, Wolfgat Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  8. Petzer, Lionel, 2000/01, Primrose, Gauteng
  9. Pickett, Greg, 1998/01, Coffee Bay, Transkei
  10. Pienaar, Andre, 2002/05, Mooitoekoms Viljoenskroon, Vrystaat
  11. Pienaar, Barend, 2001.04, De Deur Brits, Noordwes
  12. Pienaar, Elsie, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  13. Pienaar, Eugene, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  14. Pienaar, Heila, 2008/10, Waldrift Vereeniging, Gauteng
  15. Pienaar, Nelia, 2000/05, Mooitoekoms Vierfontein, Vrystaat
  16. Pieterse, Anuska, 2006/07, Swartruggens, Noordwes
  17. Pieterse, Daleen, 2006/07, Swartruggens, Noordwes
  18. Pieterse, Gideon, 2006/07, Swartruggens, Noordwes
  19. Pieterse, Christo, 2007/02, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  20. Pieterse, F, 1998/01, Wilgerspoort Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  21. Pieterse, Pieter, 2002/03, Komatipoort, Mpumalanga
  22. Pikaan, Christo, 2001/06, Spioenkop Grabouw, Wes-Kaap
  23. Pilanculo, Alexander, 2002/04, Riviersbaken Alma, Limpopo
  24. Pitzer, Louise, 2012/05, Umtentwenie, Natal
  25. Ploughman, Elizabeth, 2001/08, Masekhane Paarl, Wes-Kaap
  26. Plochl, Ernst, 2009/05, Mariazell Griqualand, Noord-Kaap
  27. Pollard, Chris, 2000/07, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  28. Podolski, Ezra, 2006/09, Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  29. Pohlman, Marc, 2008/02, Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  30. Potgieter, Andre, 2001/04, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  31. Potgieter, Boet, 2006/12, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  32. Potgieter, Clarance, 2006/09, Brenthurst Brakpan, Gauteng
  33. Potgieter, Dorothy, 2006/09, Brenthurst Brakpan, Gauteng
  34. Potgieter, Dorothy, 2001/01, Witrivier, Mpumalanga
  35. Potgieter, Jan, 2009/10, Villa Nora Ellisras, Limpopo
  36. Potgieter, Lourens, 2010/01, Sybrandskraal, Mpumalanga
  37. Potgieter, Malcolm, 2001/01, Witrivier, Mpumalanga
  38. Potgieter, Mariette, 2000/10, Pretoria-Noord, Gauteng
  39. Potgieter, Petrus, 2001/01, Lindleyspoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  40. Potgieter, Willemientjie, 2010/12, Tweefontein Lindley, Vrystaat
  41. Potgieter, Wilma, 2010/12, Tweefontein Lindley, Vrystaat
  42. Potgieter, Attie, 2010/12, Tweefontein Lindley, Vrystaat
  43. Powell, E, 2000/08, Balfour, Mpumalanga
  44. Pretorius, Andries, 2002/07, Dundee, Natal
  45. Pretorius, Boeta, 1998/01, Ratpan Vierfontein, Vrystaat
  46. Pretorius, Coenie, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  47. Pretorius, Estleen, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  48. Pretorius, Hannah, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  49. Pretorius, Jurie, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  50. Pretorius, Magda, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  51. Pretorius, Petro, 2005/02, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  52. Pretorius, Elizabeth, 2001/03, Groenfontein Mooinooi, Noordwes
  53. Pretorius, Gary, 2006/10, Bashewa Garsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  54. Pretorius, Jana, 1994/09, Silverton Pretoria, Gauteng
  55. Pretorius, Gert, 2010/04, Holgatfontein Nigel, Gauteng
  56. Pretorius, Gottfried, 2002/10, Bamboesberg Ficksburg, Vrystaat
  57. Pretorius, Jannie, 2000/07, Jacobsheuwel Viljoenskroon, Vrystaat
  58. Pretorius, Johannes, 2002/09, Rietfontein Balfour, Mpumalanga
  59. Pretorius, Lorinda, 2002/09, Rietfontein Balfour, Mpumalanga
  60. Pretorius, Pieter, 2002/09, Rietfontein Balfour, Mpumalanga
  61. Pretorius, Louis, 2000/09, Klein Rocklands Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  62. Pretorius, Willem, 2002/01, Carolina, Mpumalanga
  63. Pretorius, Braam, 2000/11, Fairlands Johannesburg, Gauteng
  64. Price, Norman, 2005/04, Sunlands Addo, Oos-Kaap
  65. Prins, Martie, 2007/01, Somer Groblersdal, Mpumalanga
  66. Prinsloo, Bets, 2006/09, Prinshof Warmbad, Limpopo
  67. Prinsloo, Joggie, 2006/09, Prinshof Warmbad, Limpopo
  68. Prinsloo, Christo, 09/2011, Randfontein, Gauteng
  69. Prinsloo, JP, 2003/05, Linden Viljoenskroon, Vrystaat
  70. Prinsloo, Laetitia, 2008/11, Vaalbank Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng

R – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Raats, Pieter, 2001/03, Groenfontein Mooinooi, Noordwes
  2. Rabe, Mr, 2000/06, Wydgelegen Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga
  3. Radford, John, 2012/08, Kirkwood, Oos-Kaap
  4. Radloff, F, 2000/05, Waterfall Fiksburg, Vrystaat
  5. Ralfe, Lynette, 2010/03, Colenso, Natal
  6. Ras, Mr, 2000/05, Kromhoek Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga
  7. Rawstone, Hester, 2003/08, Pretoria, Gauteng
  8. Ramsay, Thomas, 2003/06, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  9. Rattray, NF, 2007/01, Fugitive’s Farm Rorke’s Drift, Natal
  10. Rausche, Connie, 2006/12, Garsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  11. Reed, Caronline, 2006/01, Gonubie Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  12. Reed, Natasha, 2006/01, Gonubie Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  13. Reed, Phillip, 2006/01, Gonubie Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  14. Reid, Andrew, 1998/08, Boschrug George, Wes-Kaap
  15. Reid, Bobby, 1998/08, Boschrug George, Wes-Kaap
  16. Render, Neil, 2007/02, Villieria Pretoria, Gauteng
  17. Rens, Aldrich, 2001/03, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  18. Renton, Jimmy, 2005/03, Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  19. Reyneke, Gert, 2010/10, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  20. Reyneke, Sonja, 2007/01, Pretoria, Gauteng
  21. Reynolds, Edwin, 2007/02, Zwartkops Pretoria, Gauteng
  22. Richter, Franz, 2007/06, Muldersdrift, Gauteng
  23. Richter, P, 2000/08, Karos Upington, Noord-Kaap
  24. Roach, Rudi, 2008/10, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  25. Roberts, Dale, 2008/08, Uitzicht Pretoria, Gauteng
  26. Roberts, Joseph, 2003/03, De Deur Brits, Noordwes
  27. Roberts, Ronnie, 2003/05, Nomga Burgersdorp, Oos-Kaap
  28. Robins, Eric, 2012/06, Port Edward, Natal
  29. Robins, Betty, 2012/06, Port Edward, Natal
  30. Robinson, Robbie, 2000/12, Secunda, Mpumalanga
  31. Robson, Noel, 2012/07, Colenso, Natal
  32. Robson, Yvonne, 2012/07, Colenso, Natal
  33. Roets, Nick, 2009/07, Raslouw Centurion, Gauteng
  34. Rohrs, Anna-marie, 2010/10, Escourt, Natal
  35. Roos, De Ville, 2006/04, Brits, Noordwes
  36. Roos, Pieter, 1993/05, Suikerboskop Witbank, Mpumalanga
  37. Roos, Tillie, 1993/05, Suikerboskop Witbank, Mpumalanga
  38. Roux, Alet, 2000/12, Riversdale, Wes-Kaap
  39. Rowe, Alan, 2009/05, Bloemendal Estate, Natal
  40. Roux, Derek, 2008/06, Chartwell, Gauteng
  41. Rudolph, Amelda, 2006/02, Randfontein, Gauteng
  42. Rudolph, Armand, 2006/02, Randfontein, Gauteng
  43. Rudolf, Jean, 2006/02, Randfontein, Gauteng
  44. Ruiters, Leonardus, 2002/12, Tuinplaas Napier, Wes-Kaap
  45. Rush, May, 2001/02, Queenstown, Oos-Kaap

S – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Sauer, Linelle, 2002/08, Tabakpoort Burgersdorp, Oos-Kaap
  2. Sauer, Marne, 2002/08, Tabakpoort Burgersdorp, Oos-Kaap
  3. Sauer, Megan, 2002/08, Tabakpoort Burgersdorp, Oos-Kaap
  4. Sanders, Corrie, 2012/09, Brits, Noordwes
  5. Sawyer, Monica, 2002/04, Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  6. Schubart, Keith, 2006/12, Nylstroom, Limpopo
  7. Scheepers, Martie, 2001/01, Maclear, Oos-Kaap
  8. Scheepers, Johnny, 2002/07, Scheepers Neck Vryheid, Natal
  9. Scheepers, Gerhard, 1997/12, Klipkrans, Mpumalanga
  10. Scheepers, Nelie, 1997/12, Klipkras, Mpumalanga
  11. Schmidt, Cornelia, 2002/03, Tuscanon Pontdrif Messina, Limpopo
  12. Schmidt, Rudi, 2002/03, Tuscanon Pontdrif Messina, Limpopo
  13. Schmidt, E, 2000/07, Wykom Louwsberg, Natal
  14. Schoeman, Riana, 2010/08, Brandbach Cullinan, Gauteng
  15. Schmidt, Ludwig, 2001/06, Walmer Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  16. Schnepel, Colin, 1995/02, Magaliesburg, Noordwes
  17. Schoeman, Christie, 2006/10, Rietpoort Paul Roux, Vrystaat
  18. Schoeman, Tolstoi, 2010/12, Vygeboom Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  19. Scholtz, F, 2000/05, Goudplaas Amalia, Noordwes
  20. Scholtz, Leonard, 2003/03, Doornhoek Bothaville, Vrystaat
  21. Schonken, Joan, 2006/11, Kirkwood, Oos-Kaap
  22. Schonken, Isabel, 2009/09, Klipkop Pretoria, Gauteng
  23. Schoonwinkel, Marika, 2001/05, Diepkloof Groblersdal, Mpumalanga
  24. Schoonwinkel, Daniel, 2001/05, Diepkloof Groblersdal, Mpumalanga
  25. Schreider, Adel, 2007/02, Silver Lakes Pretoria, Gauteng
  26. Shreider, Moira, 2007/02, Silver Lakes Pretoria, Gauteng
  27. Scott, Duanne, 2006/01, Durban, Natal
  28. Sena, Claudio, 2001/01, Rietfontein Vaaldriehoek, Gauteng
  29. Shelton, Mark, 2004/10, Tygerberg Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  30. Shelver, Melissa, 2005/06, Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  31. Shulman, Larry, 2007/02, Groenkloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  32. Siemens, George, 2002/07, Tzaneen, Limpopo
  33. Silberman, Bradley, 2004/11, Sandton Johannesburg, Gauteng
  34. Sim, Leon, 2012/08, Kemptonpark, Gauteng
  35. Sim, Marie, 2012/08, Kemptonpark, Gauteng
  36. Singery, Luitjie, 2007/01, Willow Park Manor Pretoria, Gauteng
  37. Singery, Mark, 2007/01, Willow Park Manor Pretoria, Gauteng
  38. Skinner, William, 2004/06, Toitskraal Groblersdal, Mpumalanga
  39. Slater, Rene, 2010/02, Vaalkrans Uitenhage, Oos-Kaap
  40. Smit, Christo, 2009/07, Elandsfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  41. Smit, Jan, 2010/10, Jongensfontein Stilbaai, Wes-Kaap
  42. Smit, Elizabeth, 2010/10, Jongensfontein Stilbaai, Wes-Kaap
  43. Smit, Bonita, 1994/07, Turffontein Johannesburg, Gauteng
  44. Smit, Deon, 2007/02, Zwartkops Pretoria, Gauteng
  45. Smit, Jan, 2007/01, Dio Vista Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  46. Smit, Magda, 2007/01, Akasia Pretoria, Gauteng
  47. Smit, Steven, 2007/01, Akasia Pretoria, Gauteng
  48. Smit, Johanna, 2010/07, Witpoort Wolmaranstad, Noordwes
  49. Smit, Japie, 1996/03, Braamfontein Johannesburg, Gauteng
  50. Smit, Susanne, 2000/08, Delmas, Mpumalanga
  51. Smit, Theuns, 2003/03, Brits, Noordwes
  52. Smith, Bruwer, 2012/06, Lyttleton Pretoria, Gauteng
  53. Smith, Charles, 2009/10, Hartbeesfontein Brits, Noordwes
  54. Smith, Anton, 2001/11, Rietspruit Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  55. Smith, Margaret, 2001/11, Rietspruit Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  56. Smith, Fanie, 2003/08, Vadersdeel Heilbron, Vrystaat
  57. Smith, Ina, 2003/08, Vadersdeel Heilbron, Vrystaat
  58. Smith, Helgardt, 2002/10, Aandgeknocht Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  59. Smith, Rinus, 2002/10, Aandgeknocht Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  60. Smith, Tania, 2002/10, Aandgeknocht Bultfontein, Vrystaat
  61. Smith, Isobel, 2002/01, Sundra, Mpumalanga
  62. Smith, Arthur, 2002/01, Sundra, Mpumalanga
  63. Smith, Ron, 2010/03, Droogekloof Warmbad, Limpopo
  64. Smith, Pete, 2012/05, Southport, Natal
  65. Snyman, Aleta, 2006/10, Strand, Wes-Kaap
  66. Snyman, Johan, 2006/10, Strand, Wes-Kaap
  67. Snyman, Martie, 2006/07, Pretoria Tuine, Gauteng
  68. Snyman, Willie, 2006/07, Pretoria Tuine, Gauteng
  69. Snyman, Pieter, 2005/02, Balmoral Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  70. Snyman, Sherley, 2003/08, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  71. Spannenberg, Mr, 2000/10, Benoni, Gauteng
  72. Spannenberg, F, 2000/10, Benoni, Gauteng
  73. Sparks, Wilhelm, 2006/12, Ellisras, Limpopo
  74. Spies, Johannes, 2008/10, Gravelotte Harrismith, Vrystaat
  75. Spies, Pierre, 2007/01, Pretoria, Gauteng
  76. Stafleu, Vanessa, 2012/05, Randfontein, Gauteng
  77. Stander, Hetta, 2004/01, Pomona Oos-Rand, Gauteng
  78. Stander, Sias, 2008/11, Coligny, Noordwes
  79. Stapelberg, Johan, 2001/08, Boons, Noordwes
  80. Staples, John, 2010/09, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  81. Stassen, Pearl, 2004/02, Stoneydrift Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  82. Stassen, GS, 1996/06, Ohrigstad, Mpumalaga
  83. Stassen, C, 1996/06, Ohrigstad, Mpumalanga
  84. Steenberg, Adriaan, 2005/09, Leeufontein Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  85. Steenberg, Suna, 2010/10, Kameelfontein Pretoria, Gauteng
  86. Steenkamp, Gerrit, 1997/08, Bothaville, Vrystaat
  87. Steenkamp, Lucas, 2002/12, Pietersburg, Limpopo
  88. Stephen, Micheal, 2004/01, Primrose, Gauteng
  89. Stevens, Julie, 2002/11, Long Tom Pas, Mpumalanga
  90. Stevenson, Brendon, 2004/02, Douglasdale, Gauteng
  91. Stevenson, Lana, 2004/02, Doulasdale, Gauteng
  92. Stewart, Gary, 2012/10, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  93. Steyn, John Louis, 2005/11, Sandrivier Pietersburg, Limpopo
  94. Steyn, Johan, 2002/07, Bynespoort Cullinan, Gauteng
  95. Steyn, Leon, 2009/10, Hendriksdal Sabie, Mpumalanga
  96. Steyn, Hetta, 2009/10, Hendriksdal Sabie, Mpumalanga
  97. Steyn, Hennie, 2004/10, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  98. Steyn, Sonja, 2005/09, Vorentoe Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  99. Steyn, Deon, 2006/09, Marken, Limpopo
  100. Stieler, Ernest, 2009/05, Olifantsfontein Midrand, Gauteng
  101. Stobia, F, 2000/10, Grootfontein Marikana, Noordwes
  102. Stols, Stephanus, 2001/09, Witrivier, Mpumalanga
  103. Stols, Thelma, 2001/09, Witrivier, Mpumalanga
  104. Stoltz, Benna, 2007/02, Florentia Alberton, Gauteng
  105. Stoltz, Bertus, 2007/02, Florentia Alberton, Gauteng
  106. Stoltz, Elain, 2007/02, Florentia Alberton, Gauteng
  107. Stoltz, Coen, 2009/08, Villiers, Vrystaat
  108. Strasheims, Chistine, 2006/12, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  109. Strasheims, Conrad, 2006/12, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  110. Strasheims, Wilkie, 2006/12, Brooklyn Pretoria, Gauteng
  111. Strauss, Kolie, 2006/10, Bloemsmond Kanoneiland, Noord-Kaap
  112. Strick, Mr, 2000/06, Roodepoortjie Ogies, Mpumalanga
  113. Struwig, Roelf, 2006/06, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  114. Strydom, Johan, 2010/05, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  115. Strydom, A, 1998/08, Enkelbosch Devon, Gauteng
  116. Strydom, Rosseau, 2001/11, Groenkloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  117. Summers, Mr, 2000/05, Carlottes Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  118. Sutherland, Frans, 2002/04, Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  119. Swanepoel, Bennie, 2006/01, Meyerton, Gauteng
  120. Swanepoel, Stella, 2006/01, Meyerton, Gauteng
  121. Swanepoel, Bertus, 2006/05, Clayville Midrand, Gauteng
  122. Swanepoel, Johannes, 1999/02, Tzaneen, Limpopo
  123. Swanepoel, Johanna, 2002/09, Leeudoringstad, Noordwes
  124. Swart, Charles, 2007/01, Trompettersfontein Ellisras, Limpopo
  125. Swart, Elsie, 2003/01, Rustenburg, Noordwes
  126. Swart, Gerhard, 2003/03, Bothaville, Vrystaat
  127. Swart, Jonty, 2007/02, Pretoria-Wes, Gauteng
  128. Swart, Yolandi, 2007/02, Pretoria-Wes, Gauteng
  129. Swart, Magdalena, 2003/02, Rustenburg, Noordwes
  130. Swart, Niek, 2006/04, Damfontein Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  131. Swart, Siens, 2006/04, Damfontein Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  132. Swart, Rita, 2003/07, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

T – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Taggart, Muriel, 2001/11, Hartebeesbult Newcastle, Natal
  2. Taljaard, Johan, 2003/04, Delareyville, Noordwes
  3. Taljard, Marie, 1999/07, Welkom, Vrystaat
  4. Taylor, Leon, 1995/08, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  5. Terblanche, Danie, 2004/03, Dwaalboom Thabazimbi, Limpopo
  6. Terblanche, Neels, 2004/03, Dwaalboom Thabazimbi, Limpopo
  7. Terblanche, Koos, 2003/12, Trentham Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  8. Terblanche, Lynn, 2005/05, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  9. Terblanche, Tinnie, 2005/05, Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  10. Terblanche, Trudie, 2004/05, Hobhouse, Vrystaat
  11. Terre’Blanche, Eugene Ney, 2010/04, Ventersdorp, Noordwes
  12. Theron, David, 2001/11, Saltana Oord Karos, Noord-Kaap
  13. Theron, Fanie, 2005/05, Die Erf Jeffreysbaai, Oos-Kaap
  14. Theron, Hetta, 2005/05, Die Erf Jeffreysbaai, Oos-Kaap
  15. Theron, Ria, 2005/05, Die Erf Jeffreysbaai, Oos-Kaap
  16. Theron, Jannie, 2002/07, Wolwekop Dewetsdorp, Vrystaat
  17. Theron, Jannie (jnr), 2002/07, Wolwekop Dewetsdorp, Vrystaat
  18. Theron, Johannes, 2003/10, Dewetsdorp, Vrystaat
  19. Theron, Krystal, 2004/10, Dersley Park Springs, Gauteng
  20. Theron, Vivianne, 2004/10, Dersley Park Springs, Gauteng
  21. Theron, M, 2000/08, Leeupoort Heilbron, Vrystaat
  22. Theron, Tillie, 2000/08, Leeupoort Heilbron, Vrystaat
  23. Theunissen, Cornelia, 2003/05, Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  24. Twine, James, 2003/01, Snymansdrif Pietersburg, Limpopo

U – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Uys, Charl, 2002/10, Boomplaas Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  2. Uys, Ronelle, 2002/10, Boomplaas Reddersburg, Vrystaat
  3. Uys, Hendrik, 2001/08, Boons, Noordwes
  4. Uys, Hilda, 2009/05, Bellville Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap

V – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Van Aswegen, Hannes, 2001/10, Wolwerand Petrusburg, Vrystaat
  2. Van aswegen, Monica, 2001/10, Wolwerand Petrusburg, Vrystaat
  3. Van Aswegen, Nelize, 2001/10, Wolwerand Petrusburg, Vrystaat
  4. Van Aardt, Gieljam, 2001/01, Hartswater, Noordwes
  5. Van Balen, Stefanie, 2000/12, Warmbad, Limpopo
  6. Van Biljon, Ronald, 2001/10, Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  7. Van Biljon, Martie, 2001/10, Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  8. Van Blerk, Loudine, 2009/03, Brandvlei, Vrystaat
  9. Van den Berg, Andre, 2006/01, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  10. Van den Berg, Petro, 2006/01, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  11. Van den Berg, Gert, 1997/11, Dundee, Natal
  12. Van den Berg, Andries, 2010/10, Knoppieshoogte Randfontein, Gauteng
  13. Van den Berg, Katrina, 2010/01, Daspoort Pretoria, Gauteng
  14. Van der Berg, Gerhard, 2003/10, Klippan Bothaville, Vrystaat
  15. Van der Berg, Piet, 2009/07, Cullinan, Gauteng
  16. Van der Bank, Debbie, 2003/04, Lakeside Vereeniging, Gauteng
  17. Van der Gryp, Loffie, 2008/10, Sterkfontein Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  18. Van den Heever, Chris, 2001/08, Vorentoe Naboomspruit, Limpopo
  19. Van den Heever, Martha, 2001/08, Vorentoe Naboomspruit, Limpopo
  20. Van den Heever, Mr, 2002/01, Vergenoegd Tzaneen, Limpopo
  21. Van der Linde, Stoffel, 2006/12, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  22. Van der Linden, Johnny, 2003/07, Germiston, Gauteng
  23. Van der Lith, Blomerus, 2010/11, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  24. Van der Lith, Henna, 2010/11, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  25. Van der Merwe, Coenie, 2007/01, Die Wilgers Pretoria, Gauteng
  26. Van der Merwe, Leatitia, 2007/01, Die Wilgers Pretoria, Gauteng
  27. Van der Merwe, Dorothea, 2001/05, Syferfontein Hartbeesfontein, Noordwes
  28. Van der Merwe, Gawie, 2001/05, Syferfontein Hartbeesfontein, Noordwes
  29. Van der Merwe, Elsie, 1999/01, Oskraal Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  30. Van der Merwe, Frikkie, 2007/01, Brummeria Pretoria, Gauteng
  31. Van der Merwe, Gerhard, 2007/01, Doringpoort Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  32. Van der Merwe, Martiens, 2006/04, Dennelaan Clocolan, Vrystaat
  33. Van der Merwe, Mien, 2006/04, Dennelaan Clocolan, Vrystaat
  34. Van der Merwe, Riaan, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  35. Van der Mescht, Wanda, 2007/02, Algoa Park Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  36. Van der Nest, 2005/08, Francesca, Suikervlei Vrede, Vrystaat
  37. Van der Walt, Louis, 2002/07, Theunissen, Vrystaat
  38. Van der Walt, Karel, 2003/08, Oorsaak Kroondal, Noordwes
  39. Van der Westhuizen, Jakob, 2003/05, Boekenhoutkloof Cullinan, Gauteng
  40. Van der Westhuizen, Johan, 2003/04, Tarentaalbos Theunissen, Vrystaat
  41. Van der Westhuizen, Griet, 2001/05, Smaldeel Parys, Vrystaat
  42. Van der Woude, Mr, 2000/06, Steynsdraai Roossenekal, Mpumalanga
  43. Van Dyk, Johan, 2002/12, Kareebosch Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  44. Van Dyk, Christina, 2002/12, Kareebosch Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  45. Van Dyk, Ronnie, 2005/07, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  46. Van Eyk, Ronel, 2012/08, Hartbeesfontein, Noordwes
  47. Van Greunen, Marius, 2008/03, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  48. Van Heerden, Johannes, 2001/06, Delareyville, Noordwes
  49. Van Heerden, Willem, 2000/01, Louw’s Creek, Mpumalanga
  50. Van Heerden, Edna, 2006/01, Kromdraai Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  51. Van Heerden, Leoni, 2006/12, Jeppestown Johannesburg, Gauteng
  52. Van Houten, Cheryl, 2002/06, Centurion, Gauteng
  53. Van Huyssteen, George, 2003/08, Steynsrus, Vrystaat
  54. Van Huyssteen, Lettie, 2003/08, Steynsrus, Vrystaat
  55. Van Jaarsveld, Fanie, 2001/08, Waagkraal Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  56. Van Jaarsveld, Susan, 2001/08, Waagkraal Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  57. Van Jaarsveld, Gerhard, 2010/07, Willowbray Pretoria, Gauteng
  58. Van Jaarsveld, Gerhard, 2010/07, Willowbray Pretoria, Gauteng
  59. Van Niekerk, Jan, 2008/06, Watervalboven, Mpumalanga
  60. Van Niekerk, Manie, 2004/10, Ongegund Caledon, Wes-Kaap
  61. Van Niekerk, Ounooi, 1998/02, Boshoff, Vrystaat
  62. Van Niekerk, Roy, 2006/10, Sunridgepark Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  63. Van Niekerk, Theo, 2001/05, Geluksberg Pietermaritzburg, Natal
  64. Van Niekerk, Sylvia, 2010/09, Boplaas Danielskuil, Noord-Kaap
  65. Van Onselen, Hester, 2005/07, Bloemspruit, Vrystaat
  66. Van Onselen, Norman, 2000/07, Bloemspruit, Vrystaat
  67. Van Onselen, Stephen, 2000/07, Bloemspruit, Vrystaat
  68. Van Onselen, Willem, 2000/07, Bloemspruit, Vrystaat
  69. Van Reenen, Sebastiaan, 2003/07, Philippi, Wes-Kaap
  70. Van Rensburg, Mr, 2000/07, Raslow Centurion, Gauteng
  71. Van Rensburg, Christo, 2007/01, Willow Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  72. Van Rensburg, Liana, 2007/01, Willow Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  73. Van Rensburg, Frans, 1997/12, Komkommerhoek Steynsburg, Vrystaat
  74. Van Rensburg, Hester, 2001/03, Rooikoppies Marikana, Noordwes
  75. Van Rensburg, Nicholas, 2001/03, Rooikoppies Marikana, Noordwes
  76. Van Rensburg, Shirley, 2005/08, North Riding Johannesburg, Gauteng
  77. Van Rensburg, Louis, 1997/05, Kya Sands Johannesburg, Gauteng
  78. Van Rensburg, Henry, 2002/08, Delareyville, Noordwes
  79. Van Rensburg, Johan, 2012/06, Baltimore, Limpopo
  80. Van Rensburg, Gloudien, 2012/06, Baltimore, Limpopo
  81. Van Rooyen, Anri, 2006/04, Heilbron, Vrystaat
  82. Van Rooyen, Janus, 2006/04, Heilbron, Vrystaat
  83. Van Rooyen, Renette, 2006/04, Heilbron, Vrystaat
  84. Van Rooyen, Dawid, 2001/01, Lichtenburg, Noordwes
  85. Van Rooyen, Elna, 2001/10, Zeekoegat Rouxville, Vrystaat
  86. Van Rooyen, Eugene, 2005/05, Eldoraigne Pretoria, Gauteng
  87. Van Rooyen, Jan, 2007/02, Faerie Glen Pretoria, Gauteng
  88. Van Rooyen, Michael, 2001/07, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  89. Van Rooyen, Ronnie, 2001/11, Windburg, Vrystaat
  90. Van Sittert, Adri, 2007/01, Lyttleton Manor Pretoria, Gauteng
  91. Van Staden, Alicia, 2002/10, De Kuil Ellisras, Limpopo
  92. Van Staden, 2002/10, Mari-Helene, De Kuil Ellisras, Limpopo
  93. Van Staden, Brenda, 2007/01, Dio Vista Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  94. Van Staden, Renette, 2007/01, Dio Vista Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
  95. Van Staden, Johannes, 2002/07, Cullinan, Gauteng
  96. Van Staden, Koos, 2010/02, Glenco Hoedspruit, Limpopo
  97. Van Staden, Koos, 2010/03, Kleinfontein Brits, Noordwes
  98. Van Tonder, Christo, 2002/07, Platjan Swartwater, Limpopo
  99. Van Tonder, Marie, 2002/07, Platjan Swartwater, Limpopo
  100. Van Tonder, Douw, 2002/10, Ellisras, Limpopo
  101. Van Tonder, Miems, 2002/06, Frylingspan Van Zylsrus, Noord-Kaap
  102. Van Vuuren, Hennie, 2005/12, Roedtan, Limpopo
  103. Van Vuuren, Celia, 2005/12, Roedtan, Limpopo
  104. Van Vuuren, F, 1998/01, Wilgerspoort Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  105. Van Vuuren, Marie, 2001/10, Broekmansfontein Groot Marico, Noordwes
  106. Van Vuuren, Loek, 2001/10, Broekmansfontein Groot Marico, Noordwes
  107. Van Vuuren, Paul, 2011/10, Phalaborwa, Limpopo
  108. Van Wyk, Koos, 2006/01, Vryheid, Natal
  109. Van Wyk, Martha, 2006/01, Vryheid, Natal
  110. Van Wyk, Klaas, 2009/05, Keerom Sutherland, Noord-Kaap
  111. Van Wyk, Mike, 1997/03, Trichardt, Limpopo
  112. Van Wyk, Lena, 1997/03, Trichardt, Limpopo
  113. Van Wyngaardt, Marinda, 2006/06, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  114. Van Wyngaardt, Willie, 2006/06, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  115. Van Wyngaard, Christiaan, 2010/10, Goedehoop Warden, Vrystaat
  116. Van Zyl, Amor, 2007/02, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  117. Van Zyl, Jacques, 2007/02, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  118. Van Zyl, Jean-Jacques, 2007/02, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  119. Van Zyl, Teresa, 2007/02, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  120. Van Zyl, Caren, 2002/03, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  121. Van Zyl, Christina, 2000/07, Morewag Citrusdal, Wes-Kaap
  122. Van Zyl, Daantjie, 2006/07, Buhrmannsdrif Mafikeng, Noordwes
  123. Van Zyl, Jacobus, 2003/10, Poortjie Senekal, Vrystaat
  124. Van Zyl, Koos, 2010/01, Poortjie Steynsrus, Vrystaat
  125. Van Zyl, Retha, 2010/01, Poortjie Steynsrus, Vrystaat
  126. Van Zyl, Marie, 2004/06, Dannabaai, Wes-Kaap
  127. Van Zyl, Micheal, 2006/10, Constantia Kloof, Gauteng
  128. Van Zyl, Percy, 2002/04, Hoop-en-Berg Muldersvlei, Wes-Kaap
  129. Van Zyl, Loretta, 2002/04, Hoop-en-Berg Muldervlei, Wes-Kaap
  130. Van Zyl, Ricus, 2008/07, Burgersfort, Limpopo
  131. Venter, Alida, 2006/09, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  132. Venter, Gerhard, 2006/09, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  133. Venter, Hardus, 2006/09, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  134. Venter, Wian, 2006/09, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  135. Venter, Ansie, 1997/11, Bloukrans Oos London, Oos-Kaap
  136. Venter, Attie, 2002/03, Don-Don Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  137. Venter, Fanie, 2010/02, Bethal, Mpumalanga
  138. Venter, Hansie, 1997/10, Burgersdorp, Oos-Kaap
  139. Venter, Hendrie, 2007/02, Waterkloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  140. Venter, Jan-Daniel, 2008/07, Blikkor Komatipoort, Mpumalanga
  141. Venter, Johannes, 2010/01, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  142. Vermeulen, Martin, 2007/02, Eldoraigne Pretoria, Gauteng
  143. Viana, Amano, 2012/07, Walkerville, Gauteng
  144. Viana, Geraldine, 2012/07, Walkerville, Gauteng
  145. Viana, Tony, 2012/07, Walkerville, Gauteng
  146. Viljoen, Annemarie, 2001/04, Haakdoring Pretoria, Gauteng
  147. Viljoen, Ciliana, 1996/04, Greenside Johannesburg, Gauteng
  148. Viljoen, Elsie, 2006/12, Kameeldrift Pretoria, Gauteng
  149. Viljoen, Johan, 2002/08, Zevenfontein Ficksburg, Vrystaat
  150. Vincent, Nathan, 2000/11, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  151. Vinhas, Carlos, 2010/04, Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  152. Visagie, Hennie, 2009/12, Vierfontein, Vrystaat
  153. Visagie, Magda, 2009/12, Vierfontein, Vrystaat
  154. Visagie, Mary, 2008/10, Drummond, Natal
  155. Visser, Liezette, 2001/06, Op-die-Berg Koue Bokkeveld, Wes-Kaap
  156. Visser, Jan, 2001/06, Op-die-Berg Koue Bokkeveld, Wes-Kaap
  157. Visser, Andries, 2003/04, Lakeside Vereeniging, Gauteng
  158. Visser, Eleanor, 2003/04, Lakeside Vereeniging, Gauteng
  159. Visser, Barry, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  160. Visser, Marco, 2006/06, Nooitgedaght Cullinan, Gauteng
  161. Visser, Bennie, 2001/05, Kleinveld Koue Bokkeveld, Wes-Kaap
  162. Visser, Danie, 2001/05, Kleinveld Koue Bokkeveld, Wes-Kaap
  163. Visser, Kleinjan, 2001/05, Kleinveld Koue Bokkeveld, Wes-Kaap
  164. Visser, Izak, 2007/01, Twyfelspoort Groot Marico, Noordwes
  165. Visser, F, 2007/01, Twyfelspoort Groot Marico, Noordwes
  166. Visser, Leandra, 2006/05, Hartswater, Noord-Kaap
  167. Visser, Moos, 2005/05, Edenburg, Vrystaat
  168. Visser, F, 2005/05, Edenburg, Vrystaat
  169. Viviers, Christo, 2006/06, Hekpoort, Noordwes
  170. Viviers, Johan, 1998/02, Niewoudville, Wes-Kaap
  171. Volgraaf, F, 2000/05, Volgraafsig Groblershoop, Noord-Kaap
  172. Von Bekkum, Piet, 2012/07, Wonderpark Pretoria, Gauteng
  173. Von Furstenburg, Leon, 2003/04, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  174. Vorster, Ben, 2002/05, Pietersburg, Limpopo
  175. Vosloo, Gert, 2004/03, Heuningspruit Heidelberg, Gauteng
  176. Vosloo, Hendrika, 2004/03, Heuningspruit Heidelberg, Gauteng
  177. Vorster, Louisa, 1997/09, Barkley Oos, Oos-Kaap
  178. Voster, Petro, 2001/10, Annashoop Komberley, Noord-Kaap
  179. Voster, Vernon, 2002/12, Gordonsbaai, Wes-Kaap

W – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Walford, Russel, 2010/07, Peacevale, Natal
  2. Walden, Marc, 2006/07, Table View Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  3. Wallis, June, 2010/06, Port Shepstone, Natal
  4. Walsh, Martin, 2000/12, Ingwelala Hekpoort, Noordwes
  5. Warren, Michael, 2002/03, West Poyton Upper Kubusie, Oos-Kaap
  6. Warren, Sara, 2006/10, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
  7. Wasserman, Elsa, 2005/09, Avontelur Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  8. Wasserman, Joe, 2005/09, Avontelur Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  9. Watkins, Catherine, 2002/02, Potchefstroom, Noordwes
  10. Weber, Jacob, 2004/01, Loarlien Sabie, Mpumalanga
  11. Weber, Simon, 2004/01, Loarlien Sabie, Mpumalanga
  12. Webster, Colin, 2001/02, Richmond, Natal
  13. Webster, Jessica, 2006/07, Margate, Natal
  14. Wehmeyer, Maria, 2006/01, Walmer Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  15. Wehmeyer, Tertius, 2008/11, Boekenhoutskloof Pretoria, Gauteng
  16. Weibach, Johan, 2002/05, Reckliff Bethlehem, Vrystaat
  17. Weilbach, Marie, 2010/12, Walkerville, Gauteng
  18. Weppenaar, Christopher, 2008/12, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  19. Werner, Anton, 2002/04, Rustenburg, Noordwes
  20. Weyers, Hillary, 2002/08, Hoedspruit, Limpopo
  21. Wiedeck, Brigitte, 2004/04, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  22. Wiedeck, Werner, 2004/04, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
  23. Wiesner, Johannes, 2012/08, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  24. Wilkinson, Kokkie, 1998/03, Sterkfontein, Vrystaat
  25. Willemse, Dirk, 199/01, Eensgevonde Reitz, Vrystaat
  26. Willemse, Susanna, 1997/09, Ugie, Oos-Kaap
  27. Williams, Jennifer, 1994/01, Paardeplaas Sterkfontein, Vrystaat
  28. Willis, Bernadine, 2006/12, Summerstrand Port Elizabeth, Oos-Kaap
  29. Willoughby, Char, 2007/01, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  30. Wilson, Esne, 2007/02, Pretoria, Gauteng
  31. Winkelmann, Herman, 2001/07, King Williams Town, Oos-Kaap
  32. Woest, Pieter, 2009/11, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  33. Wohlberg, ER, 2000/07, Elandskraal, Natal
  34. Wolfaardt, Isak, 2004/02, Dorsfontein Graaf-Reinet, Oos-Kaap
  35. Wolmarans, Erasmus, 2002/01, Topfontein Bethal, Mpumalanga
  36. Wolmarans, Louis, 2007/01, Melkbosstrand, Wes-Kaap
  37. Wolmarans, Petru, 1999/11, Pietersburg, Limpopo
  38. Woodraffe, Dean, 2008/03, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
  39. Wouda, Gelske, 2008/05, Florida, Gauteng

Z – Surname, Name, Date, Place, Province

  1. Zandberg, Jan, 2003/03, Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
  2. Zetler, Lenny, 2005/05, Mountain Breeze Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap
  3. Zietsman, Hans, 2010/04, Dankbaar Tierpoort, Vrystaat

If you have another name of a victim of genocide in South Africa that is not mentioned or recorded above please contact Sunette Bridges at to have their name added.


177 thoughts on “70,000 Whites Murdered In South Africa Since 1994

  1. My dearest cousin:




    Posted by ALINA HAYON | December 20, 2014, 6:17 am
    • Trompie jy moet onthou as daar nie iets soos plaasmoorde was nie so die vrou nie dit kon gebruik as ‘n rede om haar man dood te maak nie. So in my opinie is dit nog steeds Genocide se skuld. Maar dankie ek is seker Sunette sal die naam verwyder, alhoewel ek dink dit behoort daar te bly. Soos hulle in Engels se “Cause and Effect”, geniet jou dag

      Posted by WHISNews21 | November 24, 2014, 5:26 am
      • Trompie is jy vriend of vyand ? Sunette het my nou net laat weet dat die moord nog nooit op haar lys was nie. Ek sou dink jy sou daarem eers gaan kyk of die naam op die lys is, tensy jy maar net moeilikheid soek. Jy moet onthou as jy liberaal is sal dit nie verhoed dat jy ook op die lys geplaas sal word. Jy moet weet dat ek en jy altyd in gevaar is, gelukkkig het ons nommer nog nie opgeduik nie. Suid Afrika is nie Disney World nie, en ook nie ‘n Hollywood rolprent nie. Moenie te lank slaap nie, my vriend.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | November 24, 2014, 10:50 am
  2. This is absolutely appalling that these murders are and have been happening and just been swept under the carpet for twenty years and the world does nothing about it!!!

    I used to live and have a business in Durban but things (crime and ones saftey) got so out of hand that I eventually hat to move just to feel that I was living a normal life.
    I really loved living in Durban but the way things have changed I would not recommend anyone to move there or to South Africa period. What once used to be a safe and beautiful place to live has now turned into a very very corrupt and a very unsafe place to live… if one calls that living. Most of my Durban friends have also moved overseas to various places such as USA, Australia, England where its safe to live and to be outside almost everywhere at anytime. The world needs to be aware of the genocide that is going on in South Africa of the white population. All financial aid to RSA should be stopped immediately FULL STOP.
    My heart goes out to all everyone that have lost friends or family there.
    God Bless xxx

    Posted by Fred Tragardh | September 8, 2014, 7:25 am
  3. Dalk moet julle bietjie egte navorsing doen, Sunette, Steve, en kie:

    Posted by jacoslabbert | September 2, 2014, 6:06 am
    • Jaco dis vir my baie snaaks dat jy daardie propaganda sal glo maar die waarheid sien jy glad nie raak nie, of miskien wil jy nie. Ek ken mense wat soos jy dink, en van daardie mense het ongelukkig die harde manier uitgevind dat hulle verkeerd was, toe een van hulle familie vermoor is. Daardie ou raport van jou is maar net om jou propganda te voer, maar ek kan sien dit het op jou gewerk. Gelukkig is die wereld nie meer so maaklik, soos oor die laaste 60 jaar om alle propaganda te sluk nie. Jy is baie welkom hier, maar ons is nie lus om oor propaganda te baklei nie, dankie

      Posted by WHISNews21 | September 2, 2014, 6:22 am
      • Under K you have Davina Krogg (you spelt it Duvina which is incorrect) Davina is still alive. Her son however, was shot and murdered.

        Posted by Rockers-Of-Note | November 3, 2014, 3:30 am
  4. my late father, od charles is on your list. there is a farmer from cookhouse or somerset east by the surname troski that was murdered a year after my dad. I can get his details and forward this to you. 082 5556 222

    Posted by jackie gant | August 26, 2014, 1:43 pm
  5. The Lib nonsense and any other entity doesn’t phase me a bit.
    I tend to vote & stand with the Republic – only because 9 out 10 – the issue will be better.

    If you painfully keep stubbing your toe on the same damn thing – Change it & Quit whining.
    I prefer a logical base to everything – what ever they want to call it. Where 110% agree.

    Usually it’s Cheaper and anyone can pitch in.

    Posted by Philscbx (@Philscbx) | August 24, 2014, 2:28 pm
  6. RAP – Should be flat out Forbidden to be aired – It has destroyed their minds.

    Posted by Philscbx (@Philscbx) | August 24, 2014, 12:00 pm
    • That just wont happen, the powers that be want chaos in the world, I believe it is all part of a plan, it must be there can be no explanation. The only sad thing is, the radio and TV plays the songs over and over till it is imprinted in the minds of the young.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 1:10 pm
  7. Thank’s very much Frans,

    Yes – unfortunately you are spot on – with our demise here going on as it has with our MB ‘O’ Leader.
    If he had his way – we too would have no guns to defend ourselves in the coming times.

    10-15 years – at this rate – 5 years will kill this nation like never before –
    Even all of Europe will be worrying – Obviously Benjamin Netanyahu’s worried more about us than ‘O’ is.
    We’re in a quagmire of the worst race flare since the 60’s.

    Member – DALEJA also stated the nonsense of Ferguson MO the last two weeks where these blacks simply want to kill all Whites at first glance vs use any IQ above a banana.

    Sorry to imply leaving folks unprotected – but there has to be others to share guard duties – No matter where I go – Australia to Germany – I walk about late night to make sure families down the street are always safe while they sleep.
    I’d rather loose sleep & stay in on a nice day – than wake up and find someone was violated during the night.

    You can bet – I’ll be hitting Fox & others repeatedly with this news –
    I wish you well Sir,,

    I’ll post any update hit response from Fox of any kind.
    Have a Great Day All.

    Posted by Philscbx (@Philscbx) | August 24, 2014, 11:54 am
    • Phil I knew we had common ground, good to know you, keep safe and be alert. Spread the word and be careful not to use the words the liberals are waiting for you to utter so they can call you a racist. Hope your week is a good one take care.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 1:15 pm
  8. This is oddly posted only from a music site – With Zero links to a national / world source.

    All these terms used- Boer’ and such – we’ve never heard of any of this here in the US.
    Now Also –
    One mention of Farm Wife – Defending her family with Musket? Is this the 1750’s?
    Is the only weapon mentioned in this whole posting to where someone is helpless to defeat regardless.

    Why is there zero input on weapons of defense?
    Is this a – wish it goes away group?
    where the hell is the real rage?
    I’d be defending the village 27/7 with 50 clips of 30cal & night scopes – no less than hunting Raccoons.

    Has any of this ever been sent to Fox News? PBS?
    I didn’t mention others for obvious worthless reasons –

    wildhorsenews21 WHISNews21 –
    What is your Sir name other than these two links only so a slightly more personal message vs mystery guest.

    It’s by far a cool thing you have going here –

    but how I got here – that in itself was by a shred of luck – speed scrolling through Twitter Feeds.

    The slightest over scroll of mac track pad, would have gone by unnoticed for another ten years.

    Refreshed – There’s no obvious link to here.
    Also here – – All Country News –

    So in short-
    No Way would 87% of us 60 yrs old on Big Cruisers of 1800′ V-twins motorcycles for 45 yrs –
    & families as classic rockers from Pink Floyd – no1, etc music –
    would we ever in a hundred years be looking at anything related to country western – anything.

    I could write CW music for every step I take – Not that it’s bad – I’m just tired of all the worthless meaning of it always berating – you screwed me again, you did my dad, you drunk, won’t do laundry, etc, you know what I’m saying –
    There’s not much hope in general if someone drowning into CW, that is not going over to Get out a rope right now.

    So thanks – who ever you are.
    Dig moats around your property and fill with fuel a fire at night for crying out loud.
    Why should we even be talking about this – other than revenge taken & winning.

    Alright –
    And I want Google Street map views of every crime linked here on this – so we know with pins where the targets are being violated – Come on now – get real. Get Military accurate in their face serious.
    Your time here is short enough – Wake Up.

    Posted by Philscbx (@Philscbx) | August 24, 2014, 9:50 am
    • Sorry – I meant to add –
      Who in their Right MInd – Leaves a Woman & Children alone at night – plus the helpless elderly –
      just waiting to be attacked – raped – knifed? – etc.

      This is simply Insane ignorance –
      Might as well leave baby carriage in middle of freeway –
      Alright then – Get this nonsense stopped – Now.

      Posted by Philscbx (@Philscbx) | August 24, 2014, 9:57 am
      • Hi Philscbx, I must tell you that I agree with a lot you have said, yet we are in a minority in South Africa and perhaps we have become scared to do anything about it. You are however unfair in some of your judgement’s and I will just mention two. Firstly we only leave our woman and children alone at night if we have to go out and work. Secondly as for Fox News, PBS and every other news channel worldwide is concerned, they are keeping this under raps. Exactly why, I dont know as they are all fully aware of what’s going on in South Africa right now. Personally I believe if they, the international press, do recognize the genocide going on in South Africa, they will have to admit they were wrong to force South Africa into a democratic, Communist genocide state. In closing I must tell you in your own interest to read up as much as you can about what is happening in South Africa, as it is coming to the USA, it has infact already started there you are only a mere 10 or 15 years behind the situation in South Africa. I suggest you use your energy wisely to combat your own battles that are just around the corner. Thank you for your comments they were very interesting and as I said I agree with a lot of what you said, and maybe we are scared as we dont have the numbers. Please visit us again, and if you would want to help, you can only do one thing for us, and that is to tell people what is happening here, nothing less and nothing more, my friend. Frans Maritz

        Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 10:15 am
      • WHISNEWS21, thank you so much, you have hit it spot on. We live in America and see the country heading down the same pathway, especially in light of the Ferguson, MO situation. Reminds us so much of home!! Thank you for hitting it spot on right on the head with your comments!!

        Posted by @daleja | August 24, 2014, 10:27 am
    • Hi my friend this is just about the Country music thing. I like all kinds of music, but the reason I like country music most, is because it is still good and clean and fresh. Most pop rap and is full of adult and anti family content. The pop music and even some new country is full liberal views. I don’t believe all liberal views are bad but i believe you are an intelligent person so I am sure you know what I mean. So my first choice will always be Country and just so as you know my favorite new song is “Fireball” by Pitbul and that is not even country. As always thank for your comments.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 10:23 am
  9. Number 90 under ‘V’ did not die in the incident. It was her husband Dirk Van Sittert that passed away in that particular incident.

    Posted by James | August 24, 2014, 2:54 am
    • Hi James, my list is not updated. I will have to get one from Sunnette. I have placed the list on my International Online News to help create awareness of the genocide in South Africa. I will try to contact Sunnette the originator of the list to supply me with a new list. Thank you for your contribution I am sure that Sunnette will pick up the mistake and fix it as soon as she sees your comment. I am truly sorry for your families loss. I know you will not believe this but to me every genocide murder is like a knife through my own heart, I am a Boer and a nobody, but I hurt as though they are family.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 6:26 am
  10. Although this is a large number, it would be interesting to know what % it is in relation to the white population in SA.

    Posted by Jan | July 22, 2014, 2:17 am
    • Jan as the amount of 70000 is already outdated and the figure is now I believe over 100,000, I don’t believe wanting to know the percentage is of any importance at all. If you could see 100,000 people mostly white Afrikaans speaking people lying dead on the ground in front of you, you will not be thinking what percentage of the white population they could be. You will be horrified, and thankful that you or your family are not among those who have been murdered before you. Getting back to the percentage, you must remember that the Genocide is mainly against the White Afrikaans groups and that percentage will be very high. I do believe that the government says there are still among Four Million whites in South Africa, how they work that out I don’t know but that is what I heard them say. Jan if one of your family members had been murdered this weekend, and I told you don’t worry it’s OK, they were only among about 9% of the population, would that information be important to you? We need to concentrate on the numbers and not on the percentage, percentages always diminishes the extent of the problem, as 9% sounds a lot better and easier to cover up than 100,000. Thank you for the question, but I am not really sure about the percentages, but I personally don’t believe it matters what the percentages are as percentages throw together dozens of faceless people but the number of people do matter, as each number in the 100,000 dead so far, are white people with names and family who loved and cared for them.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | July 22, 2014, 4:18 am
  11. Stewart, Brett – passed away 11 June 2014, shot in hijacking which happened in Hammersdale, Kwa Zulu Natal (he lived on the Bluff, Durban)

    Posted by Cheryl Barnard | July 8, 2014, 8:02 am
    • Oh Seán I find it really very predictable that you would believe the propaganda you would read on “Africacheck” without even doubting it for one second, yet what you read here on WHISNews21 you immediately write off as a load of nonsense. Africacheck is just part and parcel of 60 years of propaganda that has lied to the world about South Africa. The truth is here and the propaganda is wearing extremely thin these days, people want the truth even if they don’t care about it. Thanks for stopping by your comments are always welcome.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 9, 2014, 2:42 pm
  12. George Norval shot in his car in Louis Botha Avenue in about 1995. He drove himself to a hospital but died later from his wounds.

    Posted by Robert Davis | June 7, 2014, 9:52 am
  13. My 50 year. old nephew Wayne Brooklyn shot three times in drive way of his Sandton home died 9th March 2008. A well loved caring young man

    Posted by Lorna Edwards nee Brooklyn | June 6, 2014, 12:04 pm
  14. Thomas, William 8/5/2005 Magallieskruin Pretoria

    Posted by Trish reinecke | June 5, 2014, 4:33 pm
  15. So just to clarify, you’re blaming all murder, rape and violent crime in South Africa on black people? And if so, how can you justify the atrocities which occurred during apartheid?

    Posted by Gerard | June 5, 2014, 4:13 am
    • Gerard are you saying that because the British implemented Apartheid that it is ok to kill white South Africans like flies? If so Gerard, please take note that no where in the History of South Africa has any race ever been targeted for extinction until now. You need also not worry, there is no hated here for black people, we all have to live here in peace, I just want the genocide to stop, it’s as simple as that. I am however a little concerned for you Gerard, as you sound so full of hatred it is not good for your health. Try and have a nice day it is still possible in South Africa if your number is not up.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2014, 4:39 am
      • On what basis can you say that there is an agenda for the extinction of white people? This seems extremely far fetched and I have lived in South Africa my whole life.

        People, some of whom are white, have been murdered, the majority of the culprits are black. Therefore black people are trying to exterminate white people? What kind of logic is that? Most of the people murdered every day are actually black, and the majority of the culprits are still black (only because of unequal social and economic situation apartheid has left the country in). Does this now mean black people are trying to exterminate black people?

        I personally think this whole ‘White Genocide’ idea is only serving to stir violence, hatred and racism and should be stopped.

        Posted by Dave | June 5, 2014, 5:05 am
      • Dave I take note of your comment and would really honestly like to agree with you. However if you are indeed right about the over whelming majority of black people killing black and white people then even if there is indeed no genocide against white people then the comments you have made are by itself something of great concern. I want to make sure you understand the following, no one here is trying to stir violence by proclaiming Genocide. I as you do to, don’t believe violence is the answer in South Africa. What I do want is that if I have to live in South Africa under a 1000 years of BEE that I, at least do not have to worry about my life being threatened for the rest of my life, however long that may be. It is now 20 years since apartheid was scrapped, I do not accept that 20 years later Apartheid can still be blamed for anything. If you give me a fully functional country and after 20 years it looks like it is now then must I blame the person who gave it to me? or must I blame myself. However the majority of South Africans are going to blame Apartheid till the day the world ends for their incompetence, and anyone who disagrees will be labeled a racist. As for the Genocide thing, South Africa is already on the Genocide list, no matter how much you and I disagree. As always I thank you for your comment and always appreciate someone else’s opinion and will never discard your opinion as nonsense even if I don’t agree with you, thank you

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2014, 6:18 am
      • Don’t worry, everyone can see clearly what you’re really getting at, all of us know what white people did during apartheid, you’re wasting your time with this… Or have you got a list of black people that were murdered too?

        Posted by Seán | June 9, 2014, 8:32 am
      • Seán I am not worried at all about your comments, if you are indeed from the UK then I must inform you that it was the British who in forced Apartheid in South Africa, you may not have coined the word but you started it all. As for wasting my time, I don’t think so, for if It was, you would never have taken the time to comment. All I can think is. as you are British you probably still have not gotten over the Anglo Boer War and still hate white South Africans and especially the Boer’s because the mighty British empire could not beat 50,000 or so Boer farmers, to take there gold and diamonds. In the end the British murdered our woman and children in Concentration camps to force the Boer farmers to give up their just fight against the greedy British government of the time. Seán you have to get over it and apologize for the atrocities that your forefathers committed against the Boers and let’s move on, we could even be friends, to be sure.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 9, 2014, 2:53 pm
    • Hi. Google “how many black people were killed in apartheid era” quite an interesting article and the numbers seem legit as they were researched by the truth and reconciliation commission headed by ANC Desmond Tutu… all together like 20000 people died. mostly black on black though.. something like 600 blacks where killed by whites over the 50 odd years of apartheid. Apartheid was with out a doubt wrong but it doesn’t seem like they killed many black people. However the black people were wrongly suppressed.

      Posted by wsvr | September 24, 2014, 1:57 pm
  16. Dedekind, Udo, 1998, Elandskraal KZN,

    Posted by Roger Schroder | June 5, 2014, 2:07 am
  17. This seems to be a forum for racism more than anything else. Yes there may be many incidents in which white people are involved in South Africa, but crime is a widespread issue here and it doesn’t mean that it’s specifically targeted at people because they are white. The inequality in this country is tremendous and unfortunately due to the long lasting ramifications of apartheid, it is black people who are the less fortunate racial group. I think this forum is facilitating racism by implying that all black people are ‘murderers’ or ‘rapists’.

    I find it quite ironic that this post strongly implies that black people are racist when some of the comments here are the most racist things I have ever heard!

    I am not attempting to start an argument, but this is my view as a white South African. If you delete this comment it will confirm how narrow-minded this page is.

    Posted by Dannie | June 4, 2014, 5:45 pm
    • Dannie your views were once very concerning but today they are very much appreciated. You see we don’t have to defend ourselves against negative comments as yours, because the world has through the Internet learned the truth about our beloved South Africa. The only people who are still hiding the truth are the ones that have a hidden agenda and don’t mind seeing the white South African being exterminated as they consider us collateral damage for their endgame. As for racism, I don’t hear you crying racism about any other group of people, so I apologize to you for assuming that you probably don’t mind that blacks are murdering whites like flies as long as we call it crime, and not genocide. As for facilitating racism can you tell me that you have ever heard a black man in South Africa standing up on a platform and saying, “The Murdering of White People Has To Stop” the answer is NO! you have not. I will rather be a narrow minded white South Africa spreading the truth than a dead white man killed by a Genocide Soldier in South Africa wishing I did. In closing I will not delete your comment as I see nothing in it I have not heard before, it is typical of a person fallen prey to the propaganda that they have been exposed to over the past 60 years. I am not even upset with you as your views are appreciated, and to tell you the truth your views even helps the truth to come out, for anyone who has been touched by this genocide and who has investigated the subject just a little will know the real truth. I pray you will not be touched by this Genocide, and I truly mean it Dannie, we may not see eye to eye, maybe one day in a better world we could be friends. Thank you and please be a little more careful when playing the racist card as racism is racism and the truth is the truth, we don’t allow racism but we do allow the truth.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2014, 3:38 am
  18. Correction: Van Zyl; Percy & van Zyl; Loretta (line 128 & 129) Date should read 2001/01

    Posted by Kim van zyl | June 4, 2014, 4:06 am
  19. Aubrey Porteous murdered in security complex in Heidelberg Tvl. on 2 December 2003. Murderer still at large.

    Posted by Harry Porteous | June 4, 2014, 3:29 am
  20. De Groen, Lauren – Murdered in Sandton in Feb 1994. Taken away at the tender age of 22. Forever in my thoughts. Miss her incredibly. RIP gorgeous cousin…

    Posted by Gary | June 3, 2014, 10:50 pm
  21. My maternal aunt – Gwen Barlow, octogenarian, and female care-giver and friend – (senior administrator at Cathcart Hospital – name unknown to me) Hoggsback early 2000’s, both gunned down in cold blood in broad daylight at the gate to her home, ostensibly to prevent exposure of massive fraud and corruption in Cathcart Hospital. Contract killer jailed, refuses to divulge who hired him.

    Posted by David Clark | June 3, 2014, 4:04 pm
  22. Vicky Rose -think twice before you buy a farm-anywhere in Africa-chances are it will be grabbed by a greedy politician-or a “new farmer”. & what about your life?

    Posted by Jenny de Jong | June 3, 2014, 11:17 am
  23. Two more for your list–Henry Maggs 1998-natal-shot dead by armed intruders
    Susan Maggs1998 -natal-shot dead by intruders

    Posted by Jenny de Jong | June 3, 2014, 11:01 am
  24. A school friend Jan van Beijma was murdered in his bed on a plot near Donkerhoek Pretoria area. 13 Oct 2002

    Posted by Brian Turner | June 3, 2014, 7:43 am
  25. Thank you so much for this effort! Isn’t it sad, however, that it is neccessary?
    My grandparents were attacked in 02/1999, in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town. My grandad, Donald Lionel Lloyd Matthews, after a stroke and already confined to a wheelchair, was stabbed to death in his bed, while my grandmother, Stella Alma Matthews (nee’ Sharp) a little bird of a woman at 4’9″, was stabbed 14 times, locked in their bedroom with the body of my dead grandfather, and left to die. After a night in agony, she was able to drag herself to the window and attract the attention of a passerby the next morning. She eventually recovered from her physical wounds but obviously took her mental anguish to the grave with her a few years later.

    And what was stolen from the house? A video recorder!

    Posted by Carole Anne Greybe | June 3, 2014, 3:05 am
  26. What Bullshit! White supremacist articles and unjustified propaganda like this make me disgusted to be a White South African! Just because you have alot of names doesn’t make this a significant piece of information “…Such misinformation creates or entrenches existing racial divisions and perpetuates an unfounded fear and hatred of other races – See more at:

    Posted by Mr Low | June 3, 2014, 2:39 am
    • Dear Mr.Low, I am really surprised that you even call yourself Mr Low, but then you must have given that a lot of thought. As for your comments I am sure you are just out looking for attention. Unfortunately for you the world is starting to understand and take note, that the reason this genocide has never been seen on the major TV networks or in the international press, is precisely because of articles like the one you have thrown in our face by “Africacheck”. Articles like those are intentionally published to misinform the world about the Genocide that is currently in place in South Africa. You may feel disgusted as a white South African, and I can tell you that you are lucky that you are only a disgusted white South African, and not a Dead White South African horribly mutilated and raped and later killed by the Black Genocide Soldiers going about their business of killing whites in South Africa. So I feel that you, as a Disgusted White South African are privileged. As for racial tension I would rather contend with a million racial slurs against me, than my family or my life taken horribly and cruelly because I am white. You are welcome to continue commenting on this news site but please remember we allow no hate speech only the truth so please stick to facts if you want further comments allowed.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 4, 2014, 2:54 am
    • Oh Mr Low Mr Low… surely you are more intelligent than what your comment makes you out to be?? Pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes! You are truly blessed if you, your family or your friends have not been touched by violent crime in South Africa but you are an absolute idiot if you believe it is ‘unjustified propaganda’.

      Posted by Realist | June 4, 2014, 9:44 pm
    • The hypocrisy of people like Mr Low – he accuses others “create or entrench existing racial divisions and perpetuate an unfounded fear and hatred of other races”, yet he quickly dismisses the accused at the same time as “white supremacist”, thus fear-mongering indeed himself against a racially-defined group.

      Posted by Incubus | October 11, 2014, 7:23 am

    Posted by White Nation | May 31, 2014, 1:55 pm
  28. Why don’t you count the number of non-white people who have lost their lives due to violence, and then consider whether there’s any substantial basis for such claims. Your entire thinking is based on the premise that somehow a white person’s life is more noteworthy and valuable than that of someone who isn’t. How much time or effort do you spend worrying about the kids who are killed in gang warfare, or at the hands of tsotsi’s (unless they’re white, of course)? Violent crime is a sickness in this country, but calling it genocide is just stupid.

    Posted by Martin | May 13, 2014, 3:23 pm
    • Martin, I look forward to reading your web site dedicated to the number of non-white people who have lost their lives due to violence, kids who are killed in gang warfare, or at the hands of tsotsi’s (unless they’re black, of course)? I am so happy that you have commented the way you have, it is a perfect example of see no evil hear no evil. It also helps us to prove to the world that the Genocide is being ignored and suppressed by most people. Martin please do not confuse the murdering of black people by blacks with white people being murdered by black people. It is true that black people who kill black people, can be seen as a sickness, but black people killing thousands upon thousands of white people is no sickness, it is hatred, racist and Genocide. You comments are always most welcome thank you, just google Farm Murders in South Africa. Have a great day and please don’t change your attitude as it inspires the truth to come out.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | May 13, 2014, 4:27 pm
      • I don’t think it is a case of hear no evil see no evil, This is a website that was started to inform the world about the continuous murders, torture and rape on the minority, peoples loved ones and their race!. If anything, I think they have full right to do so!!. If other races in South Africa are concerned about murders on their people committed by their OWN race, they should do the same! Nothing is stopping them!! Surely you can see that it is no easy task! Why are people always branded, attacked and degraded for trying to spread awareness and atrocities against their own?? Maybe if the SA Government and the “media” start addressing these murders and STOP spreading hatred, incitement and animosity amongst their races these murders will decrease!! Hell, even your President sings to “Kill the Boer”!!

        Posted by Sonet | May 31, 2014, 3:30 pm
      • We have been thinking of moving to South Africa… We have an opportunity to buy a farm. KZN… Your thoughts would be much appreciated .

        Posted by Vicky Rose | June 2, 2014, 9:40 pm
      • South Africa is a beautiful place, yet as beautiful as it is, it is just as and perhaps even more dangerous, and especially for farmers. Black genocide soldiers, I call them that because I believe it is an organized force, are killing white farmers by the dozens every month. If you lend your ears out to the Liberal press, then you will hear a much different story. They, and I also include the Obama and the Clintons, believe and tell the world that South Africa is like a miracle in the world today, but I believe they have an agenda for their lies as it is impossible that they don’t know the truth. However it is a your choice and if you really want to move here, nothing may ever happen to you or your family and you may live here happily ever after. What I do know is that when you go to sleep at night, you will have to make sure that the outside lights, alarm systems, electric fencing, outside gates, the homes burglar bars, and inside steel gates are all closed and switched on. You will also have to make sure that all your dogs are not all outside, have one or two inside the house where they can not be poisoned easily and every time you hear a noise that you are not familiar with coming from inside the home or outside you will have to investigate it, and while doing so you should be armed and ready for anything. Just Google “Farm Murders In South Africa” and click on images and have a look at what is happening in South Africa and once you have you may also ask why don’t we see this on TV. You asked me for our opinion I gave it from the heart and wish you luck with your decision and remember South Africa is not the Disney world the press makes it out to be.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 3, 2014, 2:00 am
    • Unfortunately these murders represent black-on-white. Very sad. My mother is not on the list. She was murdered 7 January 2012 in a retirement village in Bronkhorstspruit. ALL killings are so sad and cruel.

      Posted by Jani | August 11, 2014, 6:32 am
      • Jani, If you want you can send me a picture of your Mother and a small write up as to how she was murdered. I am going to start a list to , which I will forward once a month to Sunette. It will help to get the files up to date sooner. The picture is just so that when we add her to the list that people can see she that she not just a number on a list but a real person that was and still is loved by all who knew her.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | August 11, 2014, 4:32 pm
      • My auntie Caryl Miller was murdered in Johanesburg in March 1998 and she is not on this list.

        Posted by @daleja | August 24, 2014, 10:30 am
      • Hi Daleja, Please send me a picture of your Aunt Caryl and a small description of what happened and I will sort it out for you. I know it’s been almost 29 years but the pain never goes away when someone close is taken by a demon in such a horrific way. My heart bleeds.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | August 24, 2014, 10:40 am
  29. Sunette, dankie vir die lys name. Dit is ontsettend en die meeste mese is nie daarvan bewus nie! Dit was nie Elsie van der Merwe wat dood is in die plaasaanval op Oshoek, distrik Betlehem nie, maar haar man Jacobus Erasmus. Elsie was erg beseer, maar sy leef nog steeds. Op Pennington, KZN is Kolonel Nicolas van der Walt op 27 Januarie 2005 in sy huis deur drie barbare vermoor en sy vrou is erg beseer.

    Posted by Roos du Toit | May 10, 2014, 9:02 am
  30. My father was also killed on his farm outside Vryheid (Kwazulu Natal) on 24/2/1994. His name was Pieter Adriaan de Lange.

    Posted by Lindie-Lou de Witt (nooiensvan de Lange) | March 14, 2014, 2:41 pm
  31. Hi … Two has the dates either right or wrong (one family) …

    Roos, Pieter, 1993/05, Suikerboskop Witbank, Mpumalanga
    Roos, Tillie, 1993/05, Suikerboskop Witbank, Mpumalanga

    It says 1993 … Which is not after 1994, don’t know if maybe the year is mistyped …

    Posted by Yasmine | February 26, 2014, 2:47 am
    • Thank you Yasmine, I am sure that Sunette will read this and fix her list accordingly as soon as she can. In her defense I must tell you it is a huge job to keep this list up to date as every Genocide murder has to be investigated to make sure it is correct and sometime information is not always archived properly. Then there are people who do not went this list to surface by sending in information that is incorrect to put her off her mission to keep the list up to date. What is even worse is that the list has no end as hundreds, even thousands of white Boer people are still being killed as we speak every year in South Africa

      Posted by WHISNews21 | February 26, 2014, 9:22 am
      • Dit is nie net nou na 94 wat die Boere vermoor word nie. Dit gaan al aan vanaf die 1800’s. Sit al die plass moorde voor 94 ook op jou lys Sunette. dit gaan drie dubbel keer meer wees. Ek lees elke keer van wit moorde en my trane vloei. Nie oor hartseer alleen nie – KWAAD !!!

        Posted by Martin Jv Rensburg | May 24, 2014, 5:18 pm
  32. A friend of mine showed me a more “Official” list. 70K is not even close to half. However for some reasons I cannot give names or details..Maybe the same reason why my pc were unresponsive for more than an hour, trying to post this. Difficulty with response. posting

    Posted by anton | February 21, 2014, 2:38 pm
  33. Pieter Bieseman, 31st December 2001, Gauteng

    Posted by Charles | February 5, 2014, 8:01 am
    • Thanks Charles I hope that you have supplied enough information for Sunette as she has to investigate the genocide murder to confirm before she enters their names on the list. Thank you for the visiting us you are most welcome

      Posted by WHISNews21 | February 5, 2014, 11:08 am
  34. Hallo

    My Moeder is vermoor. Besonderhede as volg:
    Vos, Elizabeth, 22/01/2006, Sea View Durban, Natal

    Posted by Nick Vos | January 11, 2014, 7:23 pm
  35. Hi
    Regsteling asb op jou lys:

    Die lys wys 22: De Klerk, Nico, 2007/01, Menlo Park Pretoria, Gauteng
    Dit moet wys 22: De Klerk, Dr CH (Boer) ,2007/01/01 , Menlo Park Pretoria, Gauteng

    Dit was skelms in sekuriteits drag wat my een Oom Boer de Klerk voor sy huis dood geskiet het en virbOom Nico de Klerk deur die arm geskiet het. Oom Boer is op die toneel dood na hy van agter deur die bliksems geskiet is.

    Posted by Coenie de Klerk | January 8, 2014, 1:15 pm
    • Yet we can’t shoot those bastards in the back, if we do they call us murderers … Or did they actually arrest those bastards Coenie, won’t be surprised if they did and then released them from jail …

      Posted by Yasmine | February 26, 2014, 3:52 am
  36. Have you tried getting hold of Adriana? Contact me

    Posted by Debbie | January 4, 2014, 10:40 am
  37. My boesemvriend vir meer as 40 jaar, Gert van Rensburg Uys, is verlede jaar op Donderdag die 31e Mei om ongeveer 19h00 deur twee swart terroriste in sy kombuis met ‘n haelgeweer met ‘n “slug”, dit is ‘n soliede haelgeweerpatroon, doodgeskiet. Ek was een van die draers van sy kis en het ook ‘n huldeblyk aan hom in die kerk tydens sy begrafnis om 11h00 in Vryheid gedoen. Abel Malan;

    Posted by Abel Malan | October 10, 2013, 9:09 am
    • Translated for the world to read: Abel Malan from South Africa wrote: My very good friend of 40 years, Gert van Rensburg Uys, was shot at close range with a shotgun which contain a “Slug” (solid bullet) on May 31, 2012 by two black men in his kitchen at home. I was one of his pall bearers at his funeral and today at 11am I paid tribute to my friend

      Posted by WHISNews21 | October 10, 2013, 9:19 am
    • Abel send me a photo of you and your friend, and a little more information about Gert’s horrific death and will publish it for the world to see. You can write it in Afrikaans as I too am Afrikaans and ‘n Boer, so I can translate it and do my best to honour your friend by at least letting the world know how he had to die such a horrific death in the safety of his own home where he was suppose to be safe.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | October 10, 2013, 9:26 am
  38. I am urgently looking for Iris Nel, who lived in Fairview mine. if you can help me please contact me on this e mail address

    Posted by tammy | September 5, 2013, 7:51 am
  39. Under “S” Arthur Barend Smit and Isabella Elsie Smit. They were brutally murdered in Sundra on their plot. My parents were way to friendly and trusted their black workers far too much!!!!! You cannot trust them ever !!!!!
    The bas*tards worked for my parents and then murdered them on 31 December 2001. They stabbed them each close to 40 stab wounds and then slit their throats!!!
    The idiots were in jail for only 5 years and then released to vote for their black president!!! We left everything we had including our houses and 2 businesses and left SA with our 3 children. Since my parents were murdered and the time we left in 2008 my husband was shot at on the highway through his truck. 1 of our daughters was held at gunpoint in a restaurant and a friend of ours was threatened with a gun in his mouth at his business .
    Enough is enough!!!!!! No white person can have a decent life in SA!!!!!!!!
    It’s actually impossible to get this longggggg list up to date!!!!!!
    The victims of crime should be able to shoot the bas*tards!!!!! We are the ones going through all the heartsore and pain losing our loved once!!!!!!
    Stay out of SA if you can!!!
    That is just 1 big ZOO!!!!!

    Posted by Loraine marshall | August 17, 2013, 5:08 pm
    • Thank you for telling the world your story Loraine more surviving victims need to be the voices of the fallen family and friends. Our nightmare needs to be told and dont let anyone tell you to keep quiet we owe it our loved ones to tell the truth about how they had to die at the hands of evil that is alive and well in South Africa. I share in your sorrow, and hope that you are safe now, wherever you and your family may be.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 17, 2013, 11:50 pm
  40. Ek het oom Barney Muller goed geken toe ek in Evander gebly het, hy is wel aangeval deur 5 swartes wat soos poliesmanne aangetrek was, maar hulle het hom nie vermoor nie, hy het gelukkig sy pistool in die hande gekry en 7 soorte k@k uit hulle geskiet, hulle het weggehardloop en oom Barney is in die elmboog gewond, maar hy lewe.

    Posted by Koos van der Merwe | August 15, 2013, 4:42 am
    • Dankie Koos dat jy die met ons gedeel het, die wereld moet sien wat hier by ons aangaan, en die enigste manier is vir ons om daaroor tepraat. Ek se ook dat ons moet ophou om ons foto’s van ons mense vegtesteek, dis tyd dat die wereld sien hoe ons familie vermoor is. Ek verskil daar ek glo ons moet almal wys hoe vreed die moordenaars is. Ons is ons vermoorde familie en vriende dit verskuldig, almal stem nie met my saam nie maar, dis my opinie en ek staan daarby.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 15, 2013, 9:29 am
  41. Jan Badenhorst was not murdered

    Posted by Johan | August 10, 2013, 12:26 am
    • Johan ek is seker jy sal verstaan dat Sunette a groot job het om al die name opdatum tebring en as jy inligting het dan sal sy dit baie waardeer as jy ‘n biedjie meer inligting verskaf as wat jy nou gegee het. Dankie vir jou kommentaar, maar as jy meer inligting het dan gee dit vir haar so dat sy die lys kan regstel.Thank You

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 10, 2013, 12:49 am

    Posted by Anna | August 8, 2013, 8:50 am
  43. Eric Arkner , shot /robbed Fireman CTFRS ?
    Ulrich Schaeffer beaten to death / robbed Main road Diep River Fireman CTFRS ex
    Tyrone Spaans stabbed ? outside house Claremont Fireman CTFRS -ex

    Posted by Steve | August 7, 2013, 8:47 am
  44. Under ‘V’ number 64, Sylvia van Niekerk. A heart made of gold and forged by God to make her ordeal painless. She loved writing and in the last couple of years of our lives she really opened up about herself, her imperfections and her walk with God. I will forever hold you close to me and forever miss you. Movies say the pain goes away with time, I say the pain will be walking free in 25 years. Love you mom xx

    Posted by Anthony | August 7, 2013, 4:41 am
    • Anthony thank you for sharing your pain with us, we appreciate you sharing with us your feelings about your Mother, we pray that you will find the peace your Mother has now found with God, and hope that her killers will forever burn in hell. We bleed with you Anthony.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | August 8, 2013, 12:17 am
  45. What about the celebrity Hollywood actress Charlize Theron? If memory serves, she adopted a black baby. But maybe she also cares about her root people and family? She is from S Africa and has national presence in the USA. Has any one ever approached her to be a messenger for equal rights and protection under the law, even for the whites left in S Africa?

    Posted by sevendecadesofme | June 29, 2013, 12:56 pm
    • Charlize is a lost cause, she adopts a black baby for the sake of her career she has forsaken her countrymen. The ones she now represents are the same ones that have no problem with the genocide and my personal opinion is that she is also in denial she will not admit to what it is happening as we speak.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 29, 2013, 8:45 pm
      • Why is this the only website that carries this issue? I’ve never heard this issue discussed on US TV news or in any US print outlet.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | February 6, 2014, 8:54 am
      • That is a very good question, one that I can only speculate on. Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Black Panther members and just about every other American politician has made a trip to South Africa to visit the worlds most loved terrorist, nelson mandela. Yet not even one of them, and I am 100% sure they are all aware of the White Genocide going on in South Africa, have even mentioned a word about it in the news at all, or shown any concern for the senseless killing of whites in South Africa by blacks. My only conclusion is that they are happy with this, and they are getting away with their silence, as they control the press and it is all possibly part of the master plan for the world. Now you say you have never heard of this before, are you aware that it is happening in America too, not on such a grand scale yet, but it is happening. You should google Blacks killing Whites in America. If you want to read more about the genocide in South Africa, as this is no conspiracy theory it is real, just google “Farm Murders In South Africa’ and your eyes will be opened and you may realize that 60 years of propaganda against South Africa has made the Free World and even Christians blind to the horrors that are happening, even as I write this reply to you my friend, another white Christian family may have been murdered in the last 24 hours. I thank you for taking the time to question this genocide, and giving it some thought before, moving on to your daily chores. You are always welcome here and hope you will visit us again soon.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | February 6, 2014, 9:15 am
      • I am aware of black on white crimes in my country, USA; it’s true the stats are never talked about in US mainstream media. It’t not pc to do so, just like Israel’s rouge policies and conduct gets no criticism in US mainstream media or in US congress. AIPAC, aka the pro-Israel lobby matrix, dictates US foreign policy in Middle East. All elected officials cannot get or maintain public office without parroting AIPAC-Israel hasbara. Big Zionist dollars to do this, basically bribery, the cost of doing business in Washington DC as part of US Congress and WH.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | February 6, 2014, 9:27 am
      • Politically Correct, is the biggest and most effective weapon ever used without shedding an ounce of blood against the good people of the world. My only hope is that the truth will eventually surface before it is too late. I can feel that you have an open mind and a heart that will question what is true and what is not, and more importantly what is right and what is wrong, no matter what you read in the newspapers or see in the news, thank you.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | February 6, 2014, 9:41 am
      • I like truth; I don’t like deception, including by omission, ai I fight media censorship, and it’s rampant on white S African plight and plight of Palestinians. I resent my tax $ supports rogue Israel.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | February 6, 2014, 10:33 am
  46. My auntie Caryl Miller was murdered in Randburg in March 1998

    Posted by Dale | June 28, 2013, 1:18 pm
    • Hi Dale, sorry to hear about your Aunt, I dont believe there is one white South African who has not been affected by this genocide one way or another. Maybe on a good day it will all stop. Obama is in South Africa but he will, not even mention the white genocide as it will make his hero look bad. So when the leader of the free world ignores the fact that good people like your Aunt is murdered then we are all in trouble. We can only have faith that it will stop. Will forward your Aunt’s name to Sunette Bridges for inclusion into the list.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 28, 2013, 11:50 pm
  47. I just found out about this thread. I must thank you for posting this and I apologise to the families for any mistakes on this list. I will make sure that it is corrected. Thank you for posting additional information. My heart breaks reading about so many people that have lost their loved ones in this senseless genocide that the world refuses to acknowledge! I am a long way away from completing the list and I haven’t even begun to add the names of people murdered in 2013…
    I have employed a lady to help me with this on a full time basis, but we need the families to help us with this enormous task. The post on my website containing this list is currently not visible as I need to fix some mistakes on the list and get it updated as best I can. I will let you know when it is back up again.

    Thank you for the help so far! I really do appreciate it…



    Posted by Sunette Bridges | June 21, 2013, 4:53 pm
  48. Just a correction please. My husband, Marius du Plooy, was murdered on 2/06/2009 and not 2008. Thank you for the information. The pain never goes away. One’s life change in seconds. You never get over it, just learn to live with it.

    Posted by Thia du Plooy | June 21, 2013, 2:38 pm
    • Thia I will forward this information to Sunette Bridges. I hope that one day these monsters will get the punishment they deserve for murdering us the way they do and get away with it. You can only do one thing and that is always be prepared to tell the world what happened to your husband. The world needs to know and only we can, as one, tell the world.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 21, 2013, 2:53 pm
  49. Theo van Niekerk was bludgeoned to death and strangled in his parents home in Loerie Park, George, Western Cape, on 17 September 2006. Please add him to the list

    Posted by Debbie Moon | June 20, 2013, 4:21 am
    • Hi Debbie, everytime I hear this my heart bleeds a litte more and more. I really dont know how you and your family cope with such a terrible and horrific act of genocide. I hope one day it will stop but till then we must keep on spreading the truth around the world, even if it seems that it does not help. I will pass your sad information on to Sunette Bridges, will copy you in too. Thank you for visiting WHISNews21 you will always be welcome here.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 20, 2013, 9:24 am
      • Since President Obama is visiting Africa, you should try to talk with him about the situation. These people are out to kill all the white people. How many white SA’s are there left?

        Posted by Jackie Cooper | June 27, 2013, 12:16 am
      • Obama will not even mention the genocide in South Africa he is color blind to it seems

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 27, 2013, 8:50 pm
      • I don’t know where you live, but here in the USA it’s not PC (politically correct) to criticise South Africa since 1994. In the USA, whites are never considered victims because of historical slavery and Jim Crow. All foreign policy is a reflection of domestic politics.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | June 29, 2013, 9:30 am
      • I know your comment is true, yet it is almost 20 years now that South Africa has a so called democracy, but in those twenty years almost 100,000 white South African mostly Afrikaans speaking Christian people have been murdered in the most terrible way imaginable. Is this really something the world can ignore forever, this never happened to black people under apartheid no matter how much people want to believe it. Time will bring this genocide to the attention of the world, I just hope that it will not be too late. I for one do not expect the world to help here as it is just too much too ask but what I do as believe in my heart is that good people should at least listen to the cries of sorrow and desperation from the “Boer People” of South Africa, who live in fear of their lives every day. Thank you for your comment “sevendecadesofme” as always much appreciated here on WHISNews21.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 29, 2013, 11:39 am
      • I was just stating a fact about the current US political culture. No political party or organization to my knowledge has raised the issue of institutional discrimation against whites in S Africa post 1994. The US media has ignored this issue too. I imagine David Duke’s web site has raised the issue, but even if he did, or does, and lists only facts, nobody of any influence would spread the word to the Establishment. That is because he is dismissed outright as a white supremists. They would attack the messenger, not the factual content of his message. Personally, I think the current plight of white S Africans under the current regime should be spread to the whole world. I fear Mandella’s death will create worse situation for the whites left in S Africa. Obama is visiting Africa now. I know he will not tell the American people about the plight of the remainder whites in S Africa. He also ignores the plight of the Palestinan people. The reason is US “special interest” politics, that is, in this case, that American Blacks vote overwhelmingly for him, and his biggest cash donor support comes from Zionists.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | June 29, 2013, 11:56 am
      • If I may with the utmost respect, I want to thank you on behalf of all those people who have died, for the interest and understanding you have shown regarding the genocide in South Africa. In time people as yourself will be remembered as heroes, just because you cared.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 29, 2013, 12:08 pm
      • Nothing will be done about the current plight of the residual Boer community in contemporary S Africa until the diaspora Boer community unites with the leftover Boers in S Africa, and the diaspora get the US & world media to start talking about it. Is there a Boer disapora orgaization? I am not aware of one. If there is, name it, and do they try to bring the message out? It there nothing existing besides this thread to send the outcry?

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | June 29, 2013, 12:53 pm
      • The answer is very simple, the world’s mighty propaganda machine has successfully split the Afrikaans people of South Africa into two groups the Afrikaners and the Boers. The Boer is the same nation that fought against the British greedy invasion of South Africa in 1899 to take control of the Gold of the Republic Of The Transvaal and Freestate now incorporated into South Africa. The Afrikaner nation was created by the British to destroy the identity of the Boer nation. It has worked very well that today any one who is a Boer is not allowed to grow his identity. It is a very delicate and difficult thing to explain here but that’s very simple what’s happened and that is why their is no united front to save South Africa at the moment. As for myself I will continue to highlight the murders in South Africa, but I am in no way qualified to or clever enough to take the cause any further than I am at the moment. My heart bleeds for the Boer Nation yesterday today and tomorrow.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 29, 2013, 8:54 pm
  50. My sister was murdered .. hijacked but car not taken. 8 Feb 2011. De jager, Doris … Beeld newspaper

    Posted by Anthony | June 19, 2013, 11:36 pm
  51. Wessel Mostert – Paarl (voorblad op Die Burger – 24 Desember 1998 – (Kraaifontein man keelaf gesny)

    Posted by Riana | June 19, 2013, 9:04 pm
  52. dis ontsellend om te sien hoeveel heel families uitgewis is. WHISNews21 Translation “It’s upsetting to see how many entire families are totally wiped out

    Posted by marthe v zyl | June 19, 2013, 2:46 am
  53. The original source (full list?) is missing. Code 404. Does anyone have a full registry? I’d like to have full sources and referances when I try to convince people with this..

    Posted by David | June 13, 2013, 9:49 pm
    • David try searching foe Sunette Bridges on facebook her web site should have an updated list. I posted this list months ago. Thousands of white Afrikaans Boer people have been murdered since this list was created. I must also tell you that it is an enormous task to create this list as the SA government will not supply a list. So please don’t think that this list is an easy list to keep up todate. Sunette Bridges can be commended for her efforts here. Thank you for visiting our WHISNews21 news web site you are always welcome here.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 13, 2013, 10:35 pm
      • My son Brett Goldin and his friend Richard Bloom were hijacked and murdered in Cape Town on the 16th April 2006. Their names also do not appear on the list. Please could they be added?

        Posted by Denise Goldin | June 16, 2013, 7:57 am
  54. This is all terrible, black activists and politicians keep asking for apologies and recompense, but these murders are recompense enough. When is our country going to become a peaceful, safe place.?

    Posted by DorothyAnne | June 13, 2013, 5:22 am
  55. What about the Van Rooyen (elderly husband and wife) just outside Parys in the Free State. She was stuffed into a deep freeze and both were brutally murdered. I dont see them on the list.

    Posted by Neil Visser | June 12, 2013, 12:43 pm
  56. What have we become? …a nation of eternal wrath! I do not believe that this is the entire list.

    I am sharing this post so that my FB world is informed. The brutality is meaningless and barbaric, this is evident that change will never take place.


    Posted by Geri | June 12, 2013, 11:22 am
    • Geri, You are right this list is not updated, there are thousands to be added to this list. Sunette Bridges is resposible for posting the list and she is trying to update it as best she can. I will try to get an updated list as soon as I can.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 12, 2013, 12:15 pm
  57. It is was a sad day when I turned my back on SA after 20yrs of relative harmony. I lost my parents to the “random” killings. It will not stop, until SA has been reduced to ashes and the winning tribe, be it Khoza or Zulu. There wont be a white face left. The world powers will not step in until it suits them.

    Posted by fraser | June 12, 2013, 11:16 am
    • And now you have Pres. Obama there by invitation of the SA President. What do you think they will talk about?
      Our Pres. Obama is half white and half black. He leans towards his black heritage more. In his book, Dreams of my Father, he comments negatively about the white race.

      Posted by Jackie Cooper | June 27, 2013, 12:09 am
  58. Net n regstellins: onder die vanne wat met B begin nr 89 is mev Petie Bouwer en nie Pietie nie. Sy het die aanval oorleef maar is kort daarna oorlede sy was 89, sy was my tannie.

    Posted by Loutjie Roetz | June 11, 2013, 3:31 pm
  59. This subject is never covered in the US mainstream press, or TV news media, and the US government never mentions it either. Why is that, I ask, as an American.

    Posted by sevendecadesofme | June 9, 2013, 9:05 am
    • One the world would have to acknowledge Mandela was no man of peace and the ANC were wrong.
      After the media embracing this murderous group they would turn around and say we were wrong.
      Plus the Boer were good Stewarts of the land …no over mining so no foreigner could rape the resources. Now the ANC. Open the door to the highest bidder …its about bling Zuma the ANC have made themselves rich and still the blacks that where poor then are now …Mandela floats between two worlds …he has the magnetism to drawl world leaders to his the prophet said he would lay in state for seven days under a glass lid…then night of the long knives …Uhuru arrives …prepare Boers have go bags ready and relocation areas picked out …better safe then sorry

      Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 9, 2013, 5:59 pm
    • They have to keep the truth away from the world…because all this started since ‘saint’ Mandela went free(was a terrorist)and became the ANC leader of South Africa.He and his black followers sung the song(after his release):’Kill the Boere(white farmers),kill the Whites’.Our president.Zuma.and all the ather,still sing this song at their ‘samekomste’…and they just do it daily!!!!

      Posted by Nicoline van Niekerk | June 11, 2013, 4:56 am
    • Perhaps it is because it doesn’t mix at the dinner table of those during the 6:00 news. Or because we have enough of our own woes to be concerned with. Another reason could be because THIS current person in charge approves himself of this as he hated Colonialism…and it is one way of “his getting even” by remaining silent. MANY in the US do not know…so therefore I’d say that many politicians do not know. We must Inform our friends, co-workers, neighbors & relatives-whoever will listen-what they are doing CURRENTLY in South Africa.
      With our VOICE and our letters in Social Media forums we can do our part in GETTING THEIR STORY OUT.
      You can joinour group called:”Americans Against White Genocide in South Africa” on Facebook.
      I contacted a Christian Organization in EAST Africa called East African Center for Law & Justice…and THEY were NOT aware that this was going on…even in the CONTINENT in which they lived… may take awhile but if we bring AWARENESS to enough people we are hoping that then one of those will be a Senator of Governor who can bring this before our US senate, and get Media attention once and for all and bring pressure on Jacob Zuma (South Africa’s COMMUNIST president to reign in his terrorist buddies. I’m sure he does not wish to be thought of nationally as a “bad guy”…so we only HOPE that it will STOP, by word of mouth…Have you yet told anyone? Everyone I tell…says they NEVER heard of it..ever! So we have alot of work to do…even now.

      Posted by Barbara Smith | December 31, 2013, 10:43 am
      • This thread subject is not covered in the US mainstream media for the same reason details on what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians people is not covered–it’s not lucrative or good for one’s career to talk about it in public, not politically correct.

        Posted by sevendecadesofme | January 4, 2014, 1:39 pm
      • Sevendecadesofme, That is why I try to highlight as much as possible on this web site. Thank you for your comment it is much appreciated

        Posted by WHISNews21 | January 4, 2014, 3:30 pm
  60. 7 Days, 17 Attacks, 31 Victims, 3 Murdered, 2 Raped, 4 Farm Attacks.

    *1 June 2013: Frankfort – Free State: A woman was attacked, assaulted and raped in her home in Reenen Street by 2 Black men.

    *1 June 2013: Westville, Natal: Freddie Lewis, his wife and 2 daughters were attacked in their home by 6 Black men. Freddie …was shot 3 times but managed to get the attackers out of his house. He is currently in hospital.

    *1 June 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Laure Amicke was attacked near the Waterfront by 2 Black men. She was robbed and stabbed in her back and suffered damage to her lung.

    *1 June 2013: Durban, Natal: A young man named Trevor was highjacked and beaten over the head with a panga. The attackers stole is cellphone and wallet and left him in the car for dead. He is currently in a critical condition in Glenwood Hospital.

    *1 June 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: A 54-year-old man, his wife and 28-year-old son were attacked in their home in George Grey Street by 3 Black men. The man was shot and his son beaten over the head with a metal object. The wife sustained no injuries but was also admitted to hospital and treated for severe shock.

    *1 June 2013: Sun Valley, Gauteng: A group of friends were attacked in the home of their host in Stirrup Road by 2 Black men while having a braai. One of the guests was shot and is currently in Sunninghill hospital. The others were tied up, beaten and robbed of their cellphones.

    *1 June 2013: Fochville, Gauteng: Albert van Emmenis, an elderly farmer, was attacked by 3 black men on his farm. He was beaten over the head with a metal rod and suffered a broken arm. Nothing was stolen. His wife discovered him in his workshop.

    *3 June 2013: Queenstown, Eastern Cape: Dudley Buss (67) was murdered on his farm and stuffed into a freezer. One of his attackers has been arrested. He was found in an informal settlement nearby.

    *3 June 2013: Boksburg, Gauteng: Michael Zafiris (42) was higjacked and murdered. His body was found in the veld in Blesbokspruit in Springs.

    *3 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Elderly farmer, Gert Fourie and his wife, Elsa, were attacked on their farm, Magalieskruin by 3 black men. They were severely beaten and Gert suffered head injuries inflicted with a metal object.

    *4 June 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: A family was attacked on Plot 40 Wattle Street, Swasina Park, at 5am by 3 Black men. They were tied up, beaten and their car was stolen.

    *5 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Baby Jordaan (79) was attacked and beaten in her home in Bokkiepark by 2 Black men.

    *5 June 2013: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: A 70-year-old farmer was attacked in his home. He is badly bruised but managed to keep his cellphone hidden from his attackers and while they were busy elsewhere in his house, me managed to call for help. The attackers fled when they heard the vehicles approaching.

    *6 June 2013: George, Western Cape: Jan Barendse (73) was attacked in his home and stabbed 5 times. He was discovered in a pool of blood in front of his bathroom. He is in a critical condition in George Mediclinic.

    *6 June 2013: Springbok, Northern Cape: A 73-year-old woman was brutally attacked and raped in her home.

    *6 June 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Hanu Krause was attacked by Black men. He was stabbed and beaten and is currently in the Unitas Hospital. He suffered a concussion and several stab wounds.

    *7 June 2013: Natal: The body of Mr. Koen, who went missing a couple of days ago, was found this morning. He was murdered.

    Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 7, 2013, 11:21 pm
  61. Die boosheid neem toe en die regering is still in denial!! Verlos ons van die bose VADER!!

    Posted by Amanda S | June 5, 2013, 7:33 pm
  62. “After we as a nation have humbled ourselves before our God, I see a great miracle happening. Thereafter I see the ‘Vierkleur’ (the old Transvaal flag, with four colours, red, white, blue and green) flying out over a free Afrikaner nation and there is peace and prosperity…” great words from Ooms Nikolas

    Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 5, 2013, 12:46 am
    • Thanks for reminding the Boer Nation they are in a bad state right now and your encouragement is so needed right now, and tomorrow.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2013, 12:58 am
      • The Boar encourage me lol …you will be given strength by the lord…when the time comes Samson’s and Davids will emerge from those camps…it is the lords delight to save his people and punish those of false religion s..your people will be haven to persecuted Christians…:)

        Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 5, 2013, 1:18 am
      • You guys are really delusional and irrational if you thing some kind of skydaddy is looking out for you. I am a proud Afrikaner, but when I read some of the backward-thinking statements you make, I am ashamed.

        Posted by malherbelherbe | October 21, 2013, 9:16 am
      • Malherbelherbe, I must tell you that I can understand how you cannot believe in someone you cannot see or feel. Only thing I can tell you is that when you allow God into your heart only then will you see, feel and believe. You will also only then understand that you are insulting at least 50% of your fellow Afrikaners, and more directly my God by calling him a skydaddy. Personally I would rather be classed as backward with God than super Intelligent without God. You did not insult me personally as I am a Boer, but then I am sure the difference between a Boer and a Afrikaner is also backward thinking in your opinion. However as a Boer I can tell you that I am not ashamed of my people or my God.
        You are very welcome here at WHISNews21 but if you continue to insult my Afrikaner brothers or us because we believe in our God then I will not approve another comment by you and it will not help to change your login name. Hope you find the peace you are looking for.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | October 21, 2013, 9:56 am
  63. To those farmers great testimony of a farmer and faith saving him from a farm attack…this gave me cheer to read ..
    very loyal black worker, Moos, working for the Van Rensburg family, knocked on the kitchen door one evening. The children were already asleep. This black warned Nicolaas’ mother he had heard that one of the gangs who roamed the countryside was going to attack the family farm that evening and murder them all.
    Nicolaas’ mother was numb with shock, for although knowing about these roving, plundering gangs, she never expected that they would be attacked. She immediately woke the children and told them that they must get ready to leave for a neighbouring farm.
    Nicolaas, when his mother woke him, sat still for a moment, staring. He then said to her: “It will not be necessary, Mother, for God appeared to me in a dream, saying that we must stay home, for He will protect us, as long as Father is away. We must stay.”
    The seven year old Nicolaas was calm and spoke with confidence, a confidence which his mother had never heard before. She wanted them to leave immediately, but Nicolaas told her: “You, Pieter and the girls can go—I am staying home.” His mother’s impression was that God wanted her to protect her home and children unto death. She then decided that this was what she would do.
    She took her four children to the front room (sitting room) of the house, made them lie down, covered them with blankets, took the old musket and waited. Nicolaas’ brother and two sisters went to sleep immediately, but he stayed awake with his mother. Everything was quiet and by sunrise no attack had taken place.
    At first light Nicolaas’ mother looked through the window and saw the gang outside. For some inexplicable reason they never attacked and as she looked she saw them turn and run away as if they were frightened by something or somebody. She could never find out why they never attacked the house or why they suddenly ran away, but from that day she believed more in her son’s gift to see, and accepted that he received visions from God, because he trusted in God so much and studied the Bible diligently.

    Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 5, 2013, 12:27 am
    • Wow Ed I have not heard this story before, I believe that God is and will always be there for his people. Thank you for sharing this with us.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2013, 12:34 am
      • Like Americas first leaders.
        You want victory return to the covenant … Just like Moses and Aaron, the Boer leaders were men of God. God made a Covenant with Israel to deliver them from their enemies (Egyptians), and lead them into their promised land on condition they keep that specific day (l4th day of Nisan) from generation to generation as a remembrance of their delivery, and that it must be a feast day in honour of their God. In turn the Voortrekkers prayed to God and asked Him to deliver them from their enemies, the Zulus, at Blood River and made a Covenant with God that if He helped them, they would keep this day as a Sabbath from generation to generation and would build a temple in His honour. This was the battle of Blood River which occurred in the l6th of December

        Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 5, 2013, 12:41 am
      • So true Ed, just like most of the Jews turned and forgot God most of the Boer people have also turned and forgotten about God. It will take time, so unless God has other plans with the world he may favour us again if we praise him again, as in the past, we could then be free again.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2013, 12:56 am
      • You speak the words of the prophet: )

        Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 5, 2013, 12:59 am
      • Thank you Ed, I am just so concerned about everything and I don’t really know why, someone once told me, “Don’t concern yourself with things you cannot change” yet I do…..????

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 5, 2013, 1:11 am
  64. Seunie Buys son of Flippie Buys from Weenen, KZN. Was murdered round about 2001/2002,shot by a black man on his farm. His father Philip Buys whom you have mentioned was also shot in 2003

    Posted by Mornay | June 4, 2013, 6:34 pm
  65. And many more (some of whom I knew personally) who are not listed on here…

    Posted by GiulsiP | June 4, 2013, 6:24 pm
  66. My mother in-law in not on this list, how do I go about getting her on?

    Posted by Barbara Hirschfeld | June 4, 2013, 3:18 pm
    • Hi Barbara please contact Sunette Bridges on facebook she keeps the list up to date. We must keep telling the world that Genocide is taking place in South Africa, and never stop no matter what.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | June 4, 2013, 10:46 pm
      • How come the white South Africans are not leaving the area? This is not right. The South African people should be able to ask for asylum in the USA. Just as the Cubans have been allowed to enter fleeing Castro.

        Posted by Jackie Cooper | June 27, 2013, 12:00 am
      • Most white South Africans cannot even afford a home or at the very least a short holiday, they do not have money to leave the country. As for asylum no country even America will give a white South African political asylum, for if they do it will mean that they admit that the genocide is going on. That is why the world will allow this genocide to continue. It is so sad…….

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 27, 2013, 8:55 pm
  67. as far as I know the names of Koos and Martha van Wyk from Vryheid were victims of an farm attack and not murderered…..

    Posted by Paul | May 11, 2013, 9:49 pm
    • Hi Paul, I got the list from Sunette Bridges face book site. If you believe our murdered people are listed wrong please contact her, as it is a huge task to make sure that everyone is documented correctly. We appreciate your comment, you will find her on Facebook, just search for her name, I am sure she will appreciate your concern

      Posted by WHISNews21 | May 11, 2013, 10:05 pm
    • I am an ex Zimbo now living in relatively safe Bulgaria. Did 12 months in Richards Baai in 1984/5 and never felt safe. The blacks I worked alongside seemed to have so much hatred, it was a real shock after having great working relationships with black Zimbos.
      Can u tell me the dividing line between a ‘murder’ and ‘victim of a farm attack’? Why the distinction? Does this list incorporate manslaughter? I would also guess the figures on black against coloure and against Asian are also very high.
      Thankyou for bringing this genocide to the attention of the world…it shocked me rigid.

      Posted by Dex Stocker | January 29, 2014, 9:52 am
      • Dex If I read between the lines of your comments, I feel it is exactly the mentality that you bring forward here that will make sure that all white people will meet their end at the hands of a black man in South Africa. You seem desperate to try and find a liberal solution to this, yet in your heart I feel you really seem to doubt that it is just murder. The fact is, murder is kill and leave, like what happens when blacks kill blacks. A farm attack is performed by blacks against whites, which automatically makes it at the very least a racist murder. These genocide murders against whites normally start by beating up the victims young and old, torture them as best they can, then rape the woman, young girls, babies and then kill the men horrendously once they have been forced to witness their loved ones being raped. Then finally when the black genocide soldiers are done with the woman they kill them, sometimes with a knife, sometimes with a machete or if they are lucky with a single bullet. In some cases they disembowel the woman and set them alight, like a piece of meat at a barbecue. Then once they have fed themselves with the food in the refrigerator and drank as much of the liquor that may be in the farm house, they leave with very little, as what they came to steal is the lives of the people in the farm house not the contents. I hope that you will think about this with an open mind and not in a box like the propaganda that the media makes you to believe. I also thank you for taking the time to comment and I sincerely hope that you will spread the news around so that more and more people will learn about the extinction of the white Christian families in South Africa. To answer your next question, never forget that God gave us all the power of “Free Will” and how we use it may just determine our future after we die. God will not stop these genocide soldiers he gave as the power to do so, and if we don’t it could mean that we exercised our “Free Will” and ignored it. For those who are not Christian it would be their decision, but whatever they believe in still has a “Right And Wrong” button and it is up to the individual to know which one is the right one to press and believe in. Thank you Dex, I and am not your enemy, in fact I appreciate your comments, I just cannot stand by and look the other way anymore, my heart bleeds for the Boer Nation, or as some refer to them as the Afrikaners.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | January 29, 2014, 10:57 am
    • Paul,you must be a special kind of stupid.What is the difference?

      Posted by Andre Smit | June 2, 2014, 2:13 am
  68. Six Comments! Paltry! But when a “famous” athlete kills his girlfriend or the Springboks win a game then there isn’t enough time to read all the comments. Yeah, denial best describes this. More whites have been murdered by blacks in the last 18 years than whites killed/murdered blacks in 342 years of white rule. Food for thought!

    Posted by From a distance | April 22, 2013, 8:38 pm
    • I know Alan, but we will keep on posting information even if it seems useless. The thing is to never give up, even my friends don’t want to hear about the killings anymore, it seems they think if they don’t take notice of it the genocide will go away. Thank you for your comments much appreciated.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | April 22, 2013, 8:43 pm
  69. This is so heartbreaking, 70,000 and counting, it is just sick and twisted. The south African gov are murderers, rapists and thieves and that is why I left the country, I will never look back, unfortunately I still have family and friends living there. I feel sorry for them. I now live on a beautiful island,, jersey ( channel islands) and it was voted the 15th best place in the world to live. I can walk the streets day or night, knowing I’m safe, nobody here has burglar bars and alarms don’t exicit in peoples homes. People obide by the law, if you drink and drive, you pay a fine and you do your time. Our laws are strict, but they work. Our roads are clean, you will never see someone throwing rubbish out of car windows, and we don’t have k taxis…at all. 95% of the people living here are white.

    Posted by chris maltby | March 25, 2013, 6:58 am
    • Chris it sounds like paradise, to a South African like me, I live in fear of my life everyday as every day our lives are at risk. Just yesterday I was parked on the side of the road when a truck stopped along side of me and I heard the driver shout at the top of his voice, at another driver who had passed him on the other side of the road, “I WILL KILL YOU COME HERE AND DIE” now I could not see who he was shouting at but his voice still echoes in my head as it sounded so evil and I believe from the sound of his voice that he would have killed the other driver if he stopped to talk. I wont even mention his race as it is not necessary, good Christian people don’t react that way. Let no one ever fool you, genocide is being implemented here, everyone including my friends are in denial but genocide it is without a doubt. You can help us by just talking about the evils that happen here daily you dont need to get into any arguments just talking about it will help save perhaps one life somehow. Thank you for your comments.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | March 25, 2013, 9:41 am
  70. My father and his beloved wife are on this list. Eric and Betty Robins ,please may they Rest in Peace and thank you .

    Posted by Suzanne Bourke | February 21, 2013, 1:57 pm
    • Suzanne I am so sorry to hear that, I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel every time you think about what happened. I have been criticized for publishing some news of some of the farm murders, but I feel the world needs to know. If you ever feel like telling the world about the events that led to their deaths I will do it and help you with it. There are mixed feelings amongst family about wether they should or should not tell their story but I believe the world should know. I also believe that the more people worldwide know about our Genocide the more chance we have to save someone else’s Mother Father or child from these Genocidal Warriors. Mag God Jou Altyd Bystaan (May God Always Be With You)

      Posted by WHISNews21 | February 21, 2013, 2:20 pm
  71. Frans, I do not know anyone , but if there is a way I can help you with tracking, let me know. I will be gone Wed. & Thurs, but after that could look up something if you wish. THIS IS SO HORRIBLE.

    Posted by Rhonnie Scheuerman | February 1, 2013, 3:28 pm
    • Dont worry Rhon no one would expect you to try and investigate this, the lady who wrote the article is actually asking for relatives of victims to come forward so that she can keep the list up to date. She will never be able to complete it as there are new murders almost every other day. The South African police chief refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem with these killing, and he says they are just random.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | February 1, 2013, 3:36 pm
    • My brother, Eddie Keim, was murdered while on holiday in Cape Town , South Africa on January 4, 1998.
      Eddie was 33 years old and was from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
      He was carjacked by 4 black men and shot execution style. He was visiting Marilese Holmes, from Cape Town, who was raped by 2 of them and also murdered. I pray that the violence will end!

      Posted by Tina Mitchell | June 28, 2013, 12:15 am
      • Hi Tina, I will forward this sad information to Sunette Bridges who is attempting to update this list. I am sorry that you have had to lose your brother to these genocide warriors,the really tragic news is that it has not stopped but escalated since your brothers death. Once again so sorry to hear of your loss.

        Posted by WHISNews21 | June 28, 2013, 12:29 am
      • Alan Burls ,shot on a De Beers ship

        Posted by john burls | October 15, 2013, 1:22 am
    • i am looking for my brother Charles Poultney was missing since 2005,if u could help thank u

      Posted by charlene fourie | February 10, 2014, 10:01 am
    • Hi. Thanks for doing this for us. It seems to show to the world that even if our government does not care. At least someone out there does. My brother was murdered in september 2004. Shot twice in the back of his head, in front of his children by five black men who wanted his cell phone and wallet. They got neither so my brother died for nothing. Nothing ever come of this and we as white South Africans live with this daily. My brothers details are:
      Gibson, Freddy, 2004/09, Benoni, Gauteng.
      Believe me if I could get out of this God forsaken country I would…

      Posted by Cindylee | June 18, 2014, 3:35 am
    • Great work Sunette! We will one day nead this list,to confront our ennemies, Satan and its dark forces and they will beput in chages and cast in to a pit of hell for ever and ever!

      Posted by gert | June 26, 2014, 8:56 am


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