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Patty Patrick Brings Carnival Fever From Germany

Lachende Kolnarena01Karneval in Europe Sent In From Patty Patrick
Carneval (in German “Karneval” also calledFastnacht, Fasnacht, Fasnet,Fasching, Fasteloovend, Fasteleer
or Season No. 5) means party time, celebrating many traditions and customs, and takes places just before the start of the spring season.
Lachende Kolnarena03In Germany Carneval is celebrated nationwide with parades, mascs and street festivities. The main cities with extensive TV coverage in Germany are Cologne (Köln in German), Aachen, Mainz, Duesseldorf. No. 1 is definitely Cologne (Köln). From February 7 to February 13 everything is closed in Cologne – people are off work (they would not show up anyway), shops, schools closed. The only places open are joints, restaurants, bars, hotels etc., everything that offers the opportunity for singing, dancing, drinking, partying. Back in the old days bands and artists, new in music business, would tour these public places with crowds following them. This is how the top bands like Die Höhner, Black Fööss, Die Räuber, Brings and many more, famous today, have started their careers. And most of them like Die Höhner and Bläck Fööss are well known bands around the world, touring and playing concerts with international artists and orchestras all year.
Bläck Fööss, (Cologne dialect for bare feet) by the way, started their career in 1970 with the help of Graham Bonney, well-known singer from England (Supergirl) at that time, called Sonny Boy over here. He was the one who paid for their first album and talked them into singing in Cologne dialect. A wise decision!
Lachende Kolnarena02Die Höhner (Cologne dialect for chicken, actually roosters) started their career in 1972, wearing chicken costumes. The first time they appeared at Cologne’s official concerts with TV coverage was the last time for a  while: They had left a mess on stage with their chicken feathers, and due to the complaints of bands following them on stage, they were not invited for the next year.
The parade in Cologe on Rosenmontag (Rose Monday, this year February 11) features German politics and national themes. A lot of work, at lot of money is invested all year to decorate cars and wagons, often pulled by farmer’s trucks through the main streets of Cologne. People from all over the world attend this parade. Hotel reservation is required at least two years prior as everythng is booked out, private balconies are very popular and are up for reservation. The warm-hearted mentality of the Colognians welcomes international visitors with open arms. Cologne’s Rosenmontagszug started in 1823 and is the biggest one in all of Germany. More than 1.5 million visitors are expected this year.
Listen to German Carneval Music on Radio St. Florian am Inn and various other stations – presented on Patty’s Kunterbunt & Horoscope Show – Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and the special show on Rosenmontag.
We count on you! Kölle Alaaf – Cologne’s shout-out for carneval.
Lachende Kolnarena04
Karneval 2013 – Most important dates
Weiberfastnacht – Do. February 7, 2013
Rosenmontag Mo. February 11, 2013
Veilchendienstag Di February 12, 2013
Aschermittwoch Mi. February 13, 2013
Pictures from previous Carnival’s


6 thoughts on “Patty Patrick Brings Carnival Fever From Germany

  1. Ha ha, it sounds great! Can I come? Lol x


    Posted by Vera Groves | January 29, 2013, 12:52 pm
  2. Come and join me, Frans, we will go to Cologne together next year. And I will show you what carnival in Cologne means…Bring Cathy!


    Posted by Patty Patrick | January 29, 2013, 10:53 am

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